Jenkins Parser Monitoring

The table below displays the activity of the Jenkins Parser job.

Red entries correspond to failed jobs where the Jenkins Parser has not taken any action. Please, take the appropiate action in those cases. White entries correspond to jobs retried by the Parser because a known Error Message was found in the log.

Time Job Name Build Number Error Message Retry Job
2024-07-18 02:48:39 ib-run-iwyu 11962 Remote call on .* failed. The channel is closing down or has closed down 19087

Jenkins Blacklist

The table below displays the blacklisted nodes in our Jenkins infrastructure. There is a sanity job that checks if CernVM-FS repositories are accessible and if singularity can start a container on the nodes. If not, the node is blacklisted and displayed in the table below.

If the table entry is red, please take the appropiate action (open a SNOW ticket, run the script on aarch64 machines, etc) and re-run the sanity job to take the node out of the blacklist. In any case, the sanity job automatically runs every 30 min.

Blacklisted Node Node Url Reason