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0001 # PPS Global Alignment
0003 ## Description
0005 This package is responsible for PPS global alignment, that is alignment of high-luminosity physics runs based on the data from a low-luminosity reference run.
0007 The structure of this software is based on the DQM framework:
0008 1. `PPSAlignmentWorker` - takes tracks of particles produced by `ctppsLocalTrackLiteProducer` as input. It processes them by applying some cuts in order to reduce noise, and uses these data to fill the histograms that will be later used in the next module. Note that filling the histograms can be done in parallel.
0009 2. `PPSAlignmentHarvester` - it analyses the plots filled by the worker, runs the alignment algorithms, and outputs horizontal and vertical corrections.
0011 This package makes use of some modules from other packages:
0012 - `PPSAlignmentConfiguration` in *CondFormats/PPSObjects* - a conditions format used as a configuration input for the alignment procedure,
0013 - `PPSAlignmentConfigurationESSource` in *CalibPPS/ESProducers* - an ESSource module for `PPSAlignmentConfiguration`.
0015 For more information about the alignment algorithms and procedure, detailed instructions on how to run it, and possible use cases check out **[the TWiki page](**.
0017 ## Contents of the package
0019 - *interface* and *src* - declarations and definitions of auxiliary functions
0020 - *plugins* - implementation of the main modules: `PPSAlignmentWorker` and `PPSAlignmentHarvester`
0021 - *python* - configuration files used by the PPS alignment matrix test and the PCL
0022 - *test* - example configuration files, instructions on how to run them, and expected results