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0001 import FWCore.ParameterSet.Config as cms
0002 from DQMServices.Core.DQMEDHarvester import DQMEDHarvester
0003 bphEfficiency = DQMEDHarvester("DQMGenericClient",
0004     subDirs        = cms.untracked.vstring("HLT/BPH/*"),
0005     verbose        = cms.untracked.uint32(0), # Set to 2 for all messages
0006     resolution     = cms.vstring(),
0007     efficiency     = cms.vstring(
0008         "effic_muPhi       'mu efficiency vs phi; mu phi [rad]; efficiency' muPhi_numerator       muPhi_denominator",
0009         "effic_muEta       'mu efficiency vs eta; mu eta [rad]; efficiency' muEta_numerator       muEta_denominator",
0010         "effic_muPt       'mu efficiency vs pt; mu pt [GeV]; efficiency' muPt_numerator       muPt_denominator",
0011         "effic_phPhi       'ph efficiency vs phi; ph phi [rad]; efficiency' phPhi_numerator       phPhi_denominator",
0012         "effic_phEta       'ph efficiency vs eta; ph eta [rad]; efficiency' phEta_numerator       phEta_denominator",
0013         "effic_phPt       'ph efficiency vs pt; ph pt [GeV]; efficiency' phPt_numerator       phPt_denominator",
0014         "effic_trPhi       'tr efficiency vs phi; tr phi [rad]; efficiency' trPhi_numerator       trPhi_denominator",
0015         "effic_trEta       'tr efficiency vs eta; tr eta [rad]; efficiency' trEta_numerator       trEta_denominator",
0016         "effic_trPt       'tr efficiency vs pt; tr pt [GeV]; efficiency' trPt_numerator       trPt_denominator",
0017         "effic_mu1Phi       'mu1 efficiency vs phi; mu1 phi [rad]; efficiency' mu1Phi_numerator       mu1Phi_denominator",
0018         "effic_mu1Eta       'mu1 efficiency vs eta; mu1 eta [rad]; efficiency' mu1Eta_numerator       mu1Eta_denominator",
0019         "effic_mu1Pt       'mu1 efficiency vs pt; mu1 pt [GeV]; efficiency' mu1Pt_numerator       mu1Pt_denominator",
0020         "effic_mu2Phi       'mu2 efficiency vs phi; mu2 phi [rad]; efficiency' mu2Phi_numerator       mu2Phi_denominator",
0021         "effic_mu2Eta       'mu2 efficiency vs eta; mu2 eta [rad]; efficiency' mu2Eta_numerator       mu2Eta_denominator",
0022         "effic_mu2Pt       'mu2 efficiency vs pt; mu2 pt [GeV]; efficiency' mu2Pt_numerator       mu2Pt_denominator",
0023         "effic_mu3Phi       'mu3 efficiency vs phi; mu3 phi [rad]; efficiency' mu3Phi_numerator       mu3Phi_denominator",
0024         "effic_mu3Eta       'mu3 efficiency vs eta; mu3 eta [rad]; efficiency' mu3Eta_numerator       mu3Eta_denominator",
0025         "effic_mu3Pt       'mu3 efficiency vs pt; mu3 pt [GeV]; efficiency' mu3Pt_numerator       mu3Pt_denominator",
0026         "effic_DiMuPhi       'DiMu efficiency vs phi; DiMu phi [rad]; efficiency' DiMuPhi_numerator       DiMuPhi_denominator",
0027         "effic_DiMuEta       'DiMu efficiency vs eta; DiMu eta [rad]; efficiency' DiMuEta_numerator       DiMuEta_denominator",
0028         "effic_DiMuPt       'DiMu efficiency vs pt; DiMu pt [GeV]; efficiency' DiMuPt_numerator       DiMuPt_denominator",
0029         "effic_DiMuPVcos       'DiMu efficiency vs cosPV; DiMu cosPV ; efficiency' DiMuPVcos_numerator       DiMuPVcos_denominator",
0030         "effic_DiMuProb       'DiMu efficiency vs prob; DiMu prob ; efficiency' DiMuProb_numerator       DiMuProb_denominator",
0031         "effic_DiMuDS       'DiMu efficiency vs DS; DiMu DS; efficiency' DiMuDS_numerator       DiMuDS_denominator",
0032         "effic_DiMuDCA       'DiMu efficiency vs DCA; DiMu DCA [cm]; efficiency' DiMuDCA_numerator       DiMuDCA_denominator",
0033         "effic_DiMuMass       'DiMu efficiency vs Mass; DiMu Mass[GeV]; efficiency' DiMuMass_numerator       DiMuMass_denominator",
0034         "effic_DiMudR       'DiMu efficiency vs dR; DiMu dR; efficiency' DiMudR_numerator       DiMudR_denominator",
0035         "effic_tr1Phi       'tr1 efficiency vs phi; tr1 phi [rad]; efficiency' tr1Phi_numerator       tr1Phi_denominator",
0036         "effic_tr1Eta       'tr1 efficiency vs eta; tr1 eta [rad]; efficiency' tr1Eta_numerator       tr1Eta_denominator",
0037         "effic_tr1Pt       'tr1 efficiency vs pt; tr1 pt [GeV]; efficiency' tr1Pt_numerator       tr1Pt_denominator",
0038         "effic_tr2Phi       'tr2 efficiency vs phi; tr2 phi [rad]; efficiency' tr2Phi_numerator       tr2Phi_denominator",
0039         "effic_tr2Eta       'tr2 efficiency vs eta; tr2 eta [rad]; efficiency' tr2Eta_numerator       tr2Eta_denominator",
0040         "effic_tr2Pt       'tr2 efficiency vs pt; tr2 pt [GeV]; efficiency' tr2Pt_numerator       tr2Pt_denominator",
0041         "effic_tr_d0       'tr efficiency vs d0; tr d0 [cm]; efficiency' tr_d0_numerator       tr_d0_denominator",
0042         "effic_tr_z0       'tr efficiency vs z0; tr z0 [cm]; efficiency' tr_z0_numerator       tr_z0_denominator",
0045     ),
0046 #    efficiencyProfile = cms.untracked.vstring(
0047 #        "effic_met_vs_LS 'MET efficiency vs LS; LS; PF MET efficiency' metVsLS_numerator metVsLS_denominator"
0048 #    ),
0050 )
0052 bphClient = cms.Sequence(
0053     bphEfficiency
0054 )
0056 ##
0058 ##