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0001 #ifndef AlCaHOCalibProducer_HOCalibVariables_h
0002 #define AlCaHOCalibProducer_HOCalibVariables_h
0003 #include <vector>
0004 //April 2015 : Added more variables, e.g., momatho, tkpt03, ecal03, hcal03, pileup, nprim
0005 class HOCalibVariables {
0006 public:
0007   int nmuon;  //number of muons in the event
0008   int nprim;  // number of primary vertices
0010   float pileup;  //Number of pileup events in the bunch crossing
0012   float trkdr;  //r-phi coordinate of track wrt vertex
0013   float trkdz;  //Z coordinate of track wrt vertex
0015   float trkvx;  //X-Position of fitted track in the inner layer of DT
0016   float trkvy;  //Y-Position of fitted track in the inner layer of DT
0017   float trkvz;  //Z-Position of fitted track in the inner layer of DT
0019   float momatho;  //Magnitude of track momenta at HO
0020   float trkmm;    //Magnitude of track momenta
0021   float trkth;    //Polar angle of track
0022   float trkph;    //Azimuthal angle of track
0024   float ndof;  //number of degrees of freedom (track fitting)
0025   //  float nrecht; //Number of rechit candidates in the track
0026   float chisq;  //Fitted normalised chisquare (chi^2/ndf)
0028   float therr;  //Error in fitted polar angle
0029   float pherr;  //Error in fitted azimuthal angle
0031   int isect;            //HO tile information 100*abs(ieta+30)+abs(iphi) : Standalong geometry
0032   int isect2;           //HO tile information 100*abs(ieta+30)+abs(iphi) : CMSSW Geometry
0033   float hodx;           //Minimum distance of tracks entrace point in tiles local
0034                         // co-ordinate system from an edge in X-axis
0035   float hody;           //Same in Y-axis
0036   float hoang;          //Angle between track (in HO tiles) and HO Z-axis
0037   float htime;          //Energy weighted time of signal
0038   unsigned int hoflag;  //(HORecHitCollection::const_iterator jk, (*jk).flags();
0039   float hosig[9];       //HO signal in 3x3 tower with respect to the tile, where
0040                         // muon passed through (for the consistency check of
0041                         // track reconstruction
0043   float hocorsig[18];  //Signals in all 18 pixel in that HPD, where muon signal is
0044                        //expected. One is signal, remaings are either cross-talk or
0045                        //due to wrongly reconstructed tracks (For cross talk study)
0046                        //For Ring 0 hocorsig[16-17] are X-Y position in layer0
0047   float hocro;         //Signal in tile with same eta, but phi1=phi+6
0048                        // (a check of pedestal)
0049   float hbhesig[9];    //Signal in HB towers
0050   float caloen[3];     //Associated energy in the calorimeter, 15, 25, 35 degree
0051   float tkpt03;        //Energy deposit in tracker
0052   float ecal03;        //Energy deposit in EM
0053   float hcal03;        //Energy deposit in HCAL
0054 };
0056 typedef std::vector<HOCalibVariables> HOCalibVariableCollection;
0058 #endif