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Warning, /DataFormats/PortableTestObjects/ is written in an unsupported language. File is not indexed.

0001 ## Define the portable SoA-based data formats
0003 Notes:
0004   - define a full dictionary for `portabletest::TestSoA` and `portabletest::TestHostCollection`
0005   - do not define a dictionary for `alpaka_serial_sync::portabletest::TestDeviceCollection`,
0006     because it is the same class as `portabletest::TestHostCollection`;
0007   - define the dictionary for `alpaka_cuda_async::portabletest::TestDeviceCollection`
0008     as _transient_ only;
0009   - the dictionary for `alpaka_cuda_async::portabletest::TestDeviceCollection` should
0010     be defined in a separate library, to factor out the CUDA dependency.