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0001 import FWCore.ParameterSet.Config as cms
0003 hcallaserhbhefilter2012=cms.EDFilter("HcalLaserHBHEFilter2012",
0004                                      # If verbose==True, then events failing filter will be printed to cout (as run:LS:event)
0005                                      verbose = cms.untracked.bool(False),
0006                                      # String that will appear before any event printed to cout
0007                                      prefix  = cms.untracked.string(""),
0008                                      # If the number of HBHE calib channels in an event is greater than or equal to minCalibChannelsHBHELaser, then the event is considered to be a laser event 
0009                                      minCalibChannelsHBHEHELaser=cms.untracked.int32(20),
0010                                      # If the difference in good vs. bad frational occupancies is greater than minFracDiffHBHELaser, then the event is considered to be a laser event
0011                                      minFracDiffHBHELaser = cms.untracked.double(0.3),
0012                                      # Name of Hcal digi collection
0013                                      digilabel=cms.untracked.InputTag("hcalDigis"),
0014                                      # minimum charge threshold needed for a calib channel to count towards minCalibChannelsHBHEHELaser
0015                                      HBHEcalibThreshold = cms.untracked.double(15.),
0016                                      # Time slices used when computing total charge in a calib channel
0017                                      CalibTS = cms.untracked.vint32([3,4,5,6]),
0018                                      WriteBadToFile = cms.untracked.bool(False), # if set to 'True', then the list of events failing the filter cut will be written to a text file 'badHcalLaserList_hbhefilter.txt'.  Events in the file will not have any prefix added, but will be a simple list of run:ls:event.
0019                                      forceFilterTrue=cms.untracked.bool(False) # if specified, filter will always return 'True'.  You could use this along with the 'verbose' or 'WriteBadToFile' booleans in order to dump out bad event numbers without actually filtering them
0020                                      )