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0002 Timing service - 20-12-05 jbk
0004  Initial version.  It prints one record per module and per event that
0005  indicates how long that step took.  There is no currently no configuration.
0006  The report is not going out to the logger yet, mainly because of the 
0007  ugly output format.
0008  The framework does not give callbacks for start path / end path yet.
0009  When is does, this thing should sum the times across all modules that
0010  executed in that path (even if they did not run because they ran in an
0011  earlier path) and report that time for the path.
0012  No summaries are being kept now either.  Histograms would be nice
0013  (per module or across all events).  A big listing of total times spent
0014  in each module/path would also be nice.