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0001 #ifndef FWCore_Utilities_typedefs_h
0002 #define FWCore_Utilities_typedefs_h
0004 // typedefs to provide platform independent types for members of ROOT persistent classes.
0005 // To support class versioning for schema evolution, the typedef must resolve
0006 // to the same built-in C++ type on all supported platforms.
0007 // int64_t, uint64_t cannot be used, because they resolve to long on some platforms and long long on others.
0008 // For consistency, we don't use int32_t, uint32_t, int16_t, uint16_t, int8_t or uint8_t, either.
0010 typedef signed char cms_int8_t;
0011 typedef unsigned char cms_uint8_t;
0012 typedef short cms_int16_t;
0013 typedef unsigned short cms_uint16_t;
0014 typedef int cms_int32_t;
0015 typedef unsigned int cms_uint32_t;
0016 typedef long long cms_int64_t;
0017 typedef unsigned long long cms_uint64_t;
0019 #endif