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0001 #TrackingRecHitProducer
0002 ##Features
0003 - tracker hit [producer](plugins/ can be configured through [plugins](interface/TrackingRecHitAlgorithm.h) which emulate reconstructed hits from simulated hits
0004 - plugins can be restricted to run only on certain DetIds using a [string parser](interface/TrackerDetIdSelector.h)
0005 - multiple plugins can be run [sequentially](interface/TrackingRecHitPipe.h) per DetId
0006 - plugins are mapped to DetIds and the resulting reconstructed hits are collected (reduced) and put into the event 
0008 ##In detail
0009 ####Plugins
0010 The main task of a plugin is the creation of reconstructed hits given the simulated ones. To create a plugin, one has to inherit from the [interface](interface/TrackingRecHitAlgorithm.h) and overide the `process` method. This method will be called for each selected DetId. A minimalistic example is provided with the ["no smearing plugin"](plugins/ that can be used for performance studies or debugging.
0011 ####Pipes
0012 A [pipe](interface/TrackingRecHitPipe.h) is created in the producer's `setupDetIdPipes` method for each DetId of the current tracker geometry. Then plugins are assigned to the pipes depending on their DetId selection. Usually, the same plugin instance is used in multiple pipes. The following visualizes how a certain list of plugins may be matched to pipes by parsing the selection string as configured for each plugin:
0014 pipe/plugin | pipe for DetId1 | pipe for DetId2 | ...
0015 ------------|-----------------|-----------------|--------
0016 plugin1     |       x         |          -      |  x
0017 plugin2     |       x         |          x      |  -
0018 plugin3     |       -         |          x      |  -
0020 ####Selector
0021 The Boost Spirit package is used to define grammar rules for testing if a given string selects a certain DetId given the current tracker topology. Various [key words](src/
0022 ) are available.