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0001 (04/FEB/2006)
0002 modified with new generator: (11/May/2006)
0003 new version of new generator: (28/May/2007)
0005 history: new version of parametrization of energy and angular distribution of cosmic muons,
0006          now based on new version 6.60 of CORSIKA (2007). Revisited parametrization, now using slightly different polynomials and new coefficients.
0007 new range: 3...3000 GeV, cos(incident angle) = 0.1...1 which means theta=0°...84.26° where z-axis vertical axis  
0008            Now parametrization obtained from full range, thus no extrapolation to any angles or energies needed any more.
0009 accuracy: now well known, see internal note for details
0010           7% for range 10...500 GeV, 50% for 3000 GeV and 25% for 3 GeV
0011 documentation: CMS internal note 2007 "Improved Parametrization of the Cosmic Muon Flux for the generator CMSCGEN" by Biallass + Hebbeker
0014 Run in batch mode (and write events):
0015 ======================================
0016 set up the environment, compile, run in the directory /GeneratorInterface/CosmicMuonGenerator/
0017   eval `scramv1 runtime -csh`
0018   scramv1 b
0019   cd test
0020   cmsRun ____.cfg  (possible are CosmicMuonsSurface.cfg or CosmicMuonsUnderground.cfg)
0023 Run in interactive mode (event display, can be disabled in CosmicMuonParameters.h for gain in speed):
0024 =========================================
0025 in order to run in ROOT execute following lines:
0026   source root4.csh   (or eval `scramv1 runtime -csh`)
0027   ln -s ../../../GeneratorInterface GeneratorInterface
0028   root
0029   .x ---_--   (possible are: cos_sf, cos_ug or geo_el)
0030   rm GeneratorInterface   (otherwise you will get problems with scramv1)