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0001 # convertToRaw
0003 Convert RAW data stored in one or more EDM .root files into the .raw file used as input by the HLT.
0005 ```
0006 usage: convertToRaw [-h] [-o PATH] [-f EVENTS] [-l EVENTS] [--one-file-per-lumi] FILES [FILES ...]
0008 Convert RAW data from .root format to .raw format.
0010 positional arguments:
0011   FILES                 input files in .root format
0013 optional arguments:
0014   -h, --help            show this help message and exit
0015   -o PATH, --output PATH
0016                         base path to store the output files; subdirectories based on the run number are automatically created (default: )
0017   -f EVENTS, --events_per_file EVENTS
0018                         split the output into files with at most EVENTS events (default: 50)
0019   -l EVENTS, --events_per_lumi EVENTS
0020                         process at most EVENTS events in each lumisection (default: 11650)
0021   --one-file-per-lumi   assume that lumisections are not split across files (and disable --events_per_lumi) (default: False)
0022 ```
0024 The default behaviour is to process a single luminosity section at a time, in order to support luminosity sections split across multiple files and a limit on the number of events in each lumisection.
0026 If neither of these features is needed (_i.e._ if lumisections are not split, and all events should be converted) the `--one-file-per-lumi` can be used to process all data with a single job, speeding up the conversion considerably.