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0001 ## Dumping XML configuration from the Online DB to local files
0003 The whole trigger system's online configuration is aggregated by two top-level keys: *Trigger System Configuration*
0004 (TSC) key and *Run Settings* (RS) key. These keys are prepared by the Level-1 Detector On Call (L1 DOC) shifter and
0005 utilized every time when a new data taking is started. You can check the XML configuration for the specific TSC
0006 and RS keys using the [L1 Configuration Editor](https://l1ce.cms) (assuming you are within .cms network or use a
0007 tunnel) or alternatively, using following python scripts:
0008 [](,
0009 [](,
0010 [](,
0011 [](,
0012 [](,
0013 [](
0014 These scripts can be ran from my afs public area on lxplus as well as within the private .cms network from
0015 ~l1emulator/o2o/. For example:
0017 lxplus> python ~kkotov/public/ l1\_trg\_cosmics2017/v75 l1\_trg\_rs\_cosmics2017/v57
0019 dumps the Barrel Muon Track-Finder trigger configuration for TSC\_KEY=l1\_trg\_cosmics2017/v75 and
0020 RS\_KEY=l1\_trg\_rs\_cosmics2017/v57 into several local XML files. For arguments you can use both: top-level
0021 TSC and RS keys (as in the example above) and system-specific TSC and RS keys
0022 (it could have been bmtf\_cosmics\_2017/v4 bmtf\_rs\_base\_2017/v1 in the example above).
0024 The L1T O2O framework manages a set of XML parsers (referred to as [Online Producers](
0025 that can be run individually as, for example, shown in [](
0026 script as well as in one go using the framework. In the first case you can run the script from lxplus or .cms:
0028 lxplus> ~kkotov/python/ l1\_trg\_cosmics2017/v75 l1\_trg\_rs\_cosmics2017/v57
0030 ssh cms-conddb-1.cms '/data/O2O/L1T/ l1\_trg\_cosmics2017/v75 l1\_trg\_rs\_cosmics2017/v57'
0032 The result of running the script is a comprehensive printout the last two lines of which will summarize if
0033 any problems were encountered parsing the configuration XMLs. In addition, an l1config.db sqlite file will
0034 contain all of the successfully produced payloads ready to be used with the L1 trigger emulators in CMSSW.
0036 ## Dumping conditions from the Offline (Conditions) DB
0038 Another set of scripts allows you to print fields of the payloads in Cond DB (production and development), local
0039 sqlite file, or static configuration python in the release (if applies). Diffing the results is a key use case.
0040 These CMSSW scripts are:
0041 [](,
0042 [](,
0043 [](,
0044 [](,
0045 [](,
0046 [](,
0047 [](
0049 You can run them from lxplus (but not from .cms):
0051 lxplus> cmsRun db=prod run=1000000
0053 ## For experts: uploading prototype payloads in Cond DB
0055 The following set of script allows to update the prototype (starting point that L1T O2O take and updates with parameters
0056 extracted from the online XMLs):
0057 [](,
0058 [](,
0059 [](,
0060 [](
0062 ## For experts: standalone XML parsers
0064 The read*.cc standalones (compilation instructions inside) are able to read the online xml config files. Although I do
0065 not commit to support them up to the date.