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Warning, /MagneticField/Interpolation/test/BinaryTablesGeneration/ is written in an unsupported language. File is not indexed.

0001 # mergeFileTable Usage
0003 ## Usage
0005 ```
0006   mergeFileTable <directory> <base>
0007 ```
0009 The two arguments to the program are
0010 1. `<directory>` the path of the directory holding the `s*` subdirectories that define the table set.
0011 2. `<base>` the base name of the the `.bin` and `.index` files to be generated. In general, this should always be `merged` in order to properly be read in cmsRun.
0013 ## Action
0015 The program reads all the `*.bin` files in all the subdirectories and concatenates them into one `<base>.bin` file. It also generates a `<base>.index` file which contains the offsets in the newly generated `<base>.bin` file for each `*.bin` file that was concatenated.
0017 The use of the merged file during cmsRun processing rather than reading the individual files provides a factor of 5 speedup in the initialization of the magnetic field.