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Warning, /PhysicsTools/PythonAnalysis/test/BuildFile.xml is written in an unsupported language. File is not indexed.

0001 <!-- To make sure we rebuild this package when python_tools package updated -->
0002 <use name="python_tools"/>
0004 <test name="testPandas" command=""/>
0005 <test name="test_pycurl" command=""/>
0006 <test name="test_bs4" command=""/>
0007 <test name="testBottleneck" command=""/>
0008 <test name="testNumExpr" command=""/>
0009 <test name="testTables" command=""/>
0010 <test name="testXGBoost_and_sklearn" command=""/>
0011 <test name="testUncertainties" command=""/>
0012 <test name="testJupyter" command=""/>
0013 <test name="testCorrectionlib" command=""/>
0015 <bin name="test_PyMVA" file="test_PyMVA.cpp">
0016   <use name="rootpymva"/>
0017 </bin>
0018 <test name="test_root_PyMVA" command="rm -f tmp/test_PyMVA; mkdir tmp/test_PyMVA; cd tmp/test_PyMVA; cp $(LOCALTOP)/src/PhysicsTools/PythonAnalysis/test/test_PyMVA.cpp .; root -n -b -l -q test_PyMVA.cpp+">
0019   <use name="rootpymva"/>
0020 </test>
0021 <test name="testNumPy" command="python3 -c 'import numpy'"/>
0022 <iftool name="py3-cx-oracle">
0023   <test name="testCxOracle" command="python3 -c 'import cx_Oracle'"/>
0024 </iftool>
0026 <test name="import-anyio" command="python3 -c 'import anyio'"/>
0027 <test name="import-jinja2" command="python3 -c 'import jinja2'"/>
0028 <test name="import-keras" command="python3 -c 'import tensorflow.keras'"/>
0029 <test name="import-markupsafe" command="python3 -c 'import markupsafe'"/>
0030 <test name="import-yaml" command="python3 -c 'import yaml'"/>
0031 <test name="import-pygments" command="python3 -c 'import pygments'"/>
0032 <test name="import-appdirs" command="python3 -c 'import appdirs'"/>
0033 <test name="import-argparse" command="python3 -c 'import argparse'"/>
0034 <test name="import-autopep8" command="python3 -c 'import autopep8'"/>
0035 <test name="import-avro" command="python3 -c 'import avro'"/>
0036 <test name="import-bleach" command="python3 -c 'import bleach'"/>
0037 <test name="import-bottleneck" command="python3 -c 'import bottleneck'"/>
0038 <test name="import-certifi" command="python3 -c 'import certifi'"/>
0039 <test name="import-chardet" command="python3 -c 'import chardet'"/>
0040 <test name="import-click" command="python3 -c 'import click'"/>
0041 <test name="import-cycler" command="python3 -c 'import cycler'"/>
0042 <test name="import-cython" command="python3 -c 'import cython'"/>
0043 <test name="import-decorator" command="python3 -c 'import decorator'"/>
0044 <test name="import-docopt" command="python3 -c 'import docopt'"/>
0045 <test name="dxr-build"  command=" --help"/>
0046 <test name="import-enum" command="python3 -c 'import enum'"/>
0047 <test name="import-flake8" command="python3 -c 'import flake8'"/>
0048 <test name="import-funcsigs" command="python3 -c 'import funcsigs'"/>
0049 <test name="import-future" command="python3 -c 'import future'"/>
0050 <test name="import-concurrent.futures" command="python3 -c 'import concurrent.futures'"/>
0051 <test name="import-h5py" command="python3 -c 'import h5py'"/>
0052 <test name="import-histbook" command="python3 -c 'import histbook'"/>
0053 <test name="import-html5lib" command="python3 -c 'import html5lib'"/>
0054 <test name="import-idna" command="python3 -c 'import idna'"/>
0055 <test name="import-ipykernel" command="python3 -c 'import ipykernel'"/>
0056 <test name="import-ipython_genutils" command="python3 -c 'import ipython_genutils'"/>
0057 <test name="import-ipywidgets" command="python3 -c 'import ipywidgets'"/>
0058 <test name="import-jinja2" command="python3 -c 'import jinja2'"/>
0059 <test name="import-jsonpickle" command="python3 -c 'import jsonpickle'"/>
0060 <test name="import-jsonschema" command="python3 -c 'import jsonschema'"/>
0061 <test name="import-jupyter_client" command="python3 -c 'import jupyter_client'"/>
0062 <test name="import-jupyter_console" command="python3 -c 'import jupyter_console'"/>
0063 <test name="import-jupyter_core" command="python3 -c 'import jupyter_core'"/>
0064 <test name="import-matplotlib" command="python3 -c 'import matplotlib'"/>
0065 <test name="import-mistune" command="python3 -c 'import mistune'"/>
0066 <test name="import-mock" command="python3 -c 'import mock'"/>
0067 <test name="import-mpmath" command="python3 -c 'import mpmath'"/>
0068 <test name="import-nbformat" command="python3 -c 'import nbformat'"/>
0069 <test name="import-networkx" command="python3 -c 'import networkx'"/>
0070 <test name="import-notebook" command="python3 -c 'import notebook'"/>
0071 <test name="import-numexpr" command="python3 -c 'import numexpr'"/>
0072 <test name="import-numpy" command="python3 -c 'import numpy'"/>
0073 <test name="import-packaging" command="python3 -c 'import packaging'"/>
0074 <test name="import-pandas" command="python3 -c 'import pandas'"/>
0075 <test name="import-pandocfilters" command="python3 -c 'import pandocfilters'"/>
0076 <test name="import-parsimonious" command="python3 -c 'import parsimonious'"/>
0077 <test name="import-pathlib2" command="python3 -c 'import pathlib2'"/>
0078 <test name="import-pbr" command="python3 -c 'import pbr'"/>
0079 <test name="import-pexpect" command="python3 -c 'import pexpect'"/>
0080 <test name="import-pickleshare" command="python3 -c 'import pickleshare'"/>
0081 <test name="import-pip" command="python3 -c 'import pip'"/>
0082 <test name="import-pkgconfig" command="python3 -c 'import pkgconfig'"/>
0083 <test name="import-plac" command="python3 -c 'import plac'"/>
0084 <test name="import-prettytable" command="python3 -c 'import prettytable'"/>
0085 <test name="import-google.protobuf" command="python3 -c 'import google.protobuf'"/>
0086 <test name="import-prwlock" command="python3 -c 'import prwlock'"/>
0087 <test name="import-psutil" command="python3 -c 'import psutil'"/>
0088 <test name="import-ptyprocess" command="python3 -c 'import ptyprocess'"/>
0089 <test name="import-pybind11" command="python3 -c 'import pybind11'"/>
0090 <test name="import-pycodestyle" command="python3 -c 'import pycodestyle'"/>
0091 <test name="import-pycurl" command="python3 -c 'import pycurl'"/>
0092 <test name="import-pyparsing" command="python3 -c 'import pyparsing'"/>
0093 <test name="import-pytest" command="python3 -m pytest --version"/>
0094 <test name="import-sqlite3" command="python3 -c 'import sqlite3'"/>
0095 <test name="import-pytz" command="python3 -c 'import pytz'"/>
0096 <test name="import-zmq" command="python3 -c 'import zmq'"/>
0097 <test name="import-requests" command="python3 -c 'import requests'"/>
0098 <test name="import-scandir" command="python3 -c 'import scandir'"/>
0099 <test name="import-schema" command="python3 -c 'import schema'"/>
0100 <test name="import-sklearn" command="python3 -c 'import sklearn'"/>
0101 <test name="import-scipy" command="python3 -c 'import scipy'"/>
0102 <test name="import-seaborn" command="python3 -c 'import seaborn'"/>
0103 <test name="import-send2trash" command="python3 -c 'import send2trash'"/>
0104 <test name="import-simplegeneric" command="python3 -c 'import simplegeneric'"/>
0105 <test name="import-singledispatch" command="python3 -c 'import singledispatch'"/>
0106 <test name="import-sniffio" command="python3 -c 'import sniffio'"/>
0107 <test name="import-sqlalchemy" command="python3 -c 'import sqlalchemy'"/>
0108 <test name="import-sympy" command="python3 -c 'import sympy'"/>
0109 <test name="import-tables" command="python3 -c 'import tables'"/>
0110 <test name="import-tensorflow" command="python3 -c 'import tensorflow'"/>
0111 <test name="import-terminado" command="python3 -c 'import terminado'"/>
0112 <test name="import-testpath" command="python3 -c 'import testpath'"/>
0113 <test name="import-tornado" command="python3 -c 'import tornado'"/>
0114 <test name="import-tqdm" command="python3 -c 'import tqdm'"/>
0115 <test name="import-traitlets" command="python3 -c 'import traitlets'"/>
0116 <test name="import-uncertainties" command="python3 -c 'import uncertainties'"/>
0117 <test name="import-uproot" command="python3 -c 'import uproot'"/>
0118 <test name="import-urllib3" command="python3 -c 'import urllib3'"/>
0119 <test name="import-virtualenv" command="python3 -c 'import virtualenv'"/>
0120 <test name="import-wcwidth" command="python3 -c 'import wcwidth'"/>
0121 <test name="import-webencodings" command="python3 -c 'import webencodings'"/>
0122 <test name="import-werkzeug" command="python3 -c 'import werkzeug'"/>
0123 <test name="import-widgetsnbextension" command="python3 -c 'import widgetsnbextension'"/>
0124 <test name="import-xgboost" command="python3 -c 'import xgboost'"/>
0125 <test name="import-google" command="python3 -c 'import google'"/>
0126 <test name="import-lxml" command="python3 -c 'import lxml'"/>
0127 <test name="import-bs4" command="python3 -c 'import bs4'"/>
0128 <test name="import-professor2" command="python3 -c 'import professor2'"/>
0129 <test name="run-flawfinder" command="flawfinder -h"/>
0130 <test name="run-ipython" command="ipython -h"/>
0131 <test name="run-pylint" command="pylint -h"/>
0133 <bin name="testTorch" file="">
0134   <use name="pytorch"/>
0135 </bin>
0137 <bin name="testTorchTimeSeries" file="time_serie_prediction.cpp">
0138   <use name="pytorch"/>
0139   <use name="pytorch-cuda"/>
0140 </bin>