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0001 # RecoLuminosity/LumiProducer
0003 This package contains utilities for producing luminosity information in CMSSW. Most of the plugins here are obsolete and only for Run 1; they are kept here for backwards compatibility but are not actively maintained.
0005 For Run 2, the plugin `LumiProducerFromBrilcalc` is available. This allows you to add luminosity information to your CMSSW job by reading in a CSV output file produced by the `brilcalc` utility. In order to use it, add the following to your `cfg` file:
0007 ```
0008 process.LumiInfo = cms.EDProducer('LumiProducerFromBrilcalc',
0009                                   lumiFile = cms.string("./myLumiFile.csv"),
0010                                   throwIfNotFound = cms.bool(False),
0011                                   doBunchByBunch = cms.bool(False))
0012 ```
0013 where `lumiFile` is the output file created by `brilcalc`, `throwIfNotFound` will determine the behavior if the csv file does not contain information for an event in your input file (if `True`, an exception will be thrown; if `False`, the luminosity will just be taken to be zero for that event), and `doBunchByBunch` should remain `False`, since bunch-by-bunch luminosity is not currently supported.
0015 Add `LumiInfo` to your path, and then you can access the `LumiInfo` object produced under the input tag `("LumiInfo", "brilcalc")`.
0017 For more information on the proper way to use `brilcalc` to produce a luminosity csv file, please consult the [LumiPOG twiki](