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Mike Hildreth 18/2/2008
skeletal instructions - will update later
step1: find two files you would like to overlay
step2: execute the DataMixingModule - checkout SimGeneral/DataMixingModule and cd to it's test directory - in the test directory, change in data/mm.cfg the name of the input file to your "signal" file. - in the plugins directory, change mixOne.cfi so that it contains the name of the second "background" file. - do cmsRun mm.cfg - you should get a TestMix.root file.
step3: Run Reconstruction. - in the Configuration/data directory, there are a host of modified .cfg/.cfi files that point Reconstruction at the modified "merged" digis or RecHits. RecoExample.cfg can be used to run reconstruction on TestMix.root to see what you get.