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0001 import FWCore.ParameterSet.Config as cms
0003 # Module to create simulated ME0 Pre Reco digis.
0004 simMuonME0PseudoReDigis = cms.EDProducer("ME0ReDigiProducer",
0005     inputCollection    =cms.string('simMuonME0PseudoDigis'),
0006     useCusGeoFor1PartGeo =cms.bool(True),   #Use custom strips and partitions for digitization for single partition geometry
0007     usePads             =cms.bool(False),   #sets strip granularity to x2 coarser
0008     numberOfStrips     =cms.uint32(384), # If use custom: number of strips per partition                                             
0009     numberOfPartitions =cms.uint32(8),   # If use custom:  number of partitions per chamber                                           
0010     neutronAcceptance  =cms.double(2.0),   # fraction of neutron events to keep in event (>= 1 means no filtering)      
0011     timeResolution     =cms.double(5),   # smear time by gaussian with this sigma (in ns)....negative for no smearing 
0012     minBXReadout       =cms.int32(-1),  # Minimum BX to readout                                                      
0013     maxBXReadout       =cms.int32(1), # Maximum BX to readout
0014     layerReadout       =cms.vint32(1,1,1,1,1,1), # Don't readout layer if entry is 0 (Layer number 1 (near IP) in the numbering scheme is idx 0)                                                                                                       
0015     mergeDigis         =cms.bool(True),   # Keep only one digi at the same chamber, strip, partition, and BX           
0016 )