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0001 This package provides a SimWatcher which invokes the overlap checking tool 
0002 of GEANT4. It works on the basis of two untracked parameters: "NodeName"
0003 which tells the name of the physical volume at the node from where 
0004 downward the scan of overlap to be performed (if none specified, it starts 
0005 from the top of the tree - WorldVolume) and "Resolution" which is the 
0006 number of points on the surface used in the search for overlaps. 
0008 An example of using this is provided in test/data/run.cfg
0010 The essential addition is
0011    replace g4SimHits.Watchers = {
0012              {          string type       = "CheckOverlap"
0013               untracked string NodeName   = "HCal"
0014               untracked int32  Resolution = 1000
0015              } }