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0001 This package uses the geometry information of the subdetectors and the
0002 simulated output from OscarProducer to find simulated hits of the full
0003 CMS detector in global coordinates (i.e. a port of ExSimHitStatistics
0004 to CMSSW). It inserts into the event a PGlobalSimHit object as defined in
0005 SimDataFormats/GlobalValidation.
0007 This package is run from the Validation/GlobalHits/test directory. To execute 
0008 type cmsRun *.cfg with one of the following four .cfg files:
0010 EvtGen+DetSim+Global.cfg runs the full chain of event generation, detector
0011         simulation and global translation making use of local .cfi files
0012         in the test/data directory (and in some cases standard files when
0013         available and appropriate). For instance, you can quickly change
0014         between different generators by uncommenting the one you want and
0015         commenting all others. Right now EGun and Pythia have .cfi files.
0016         Output appears in GlobalValProducer.root
0018 DetSim+Global.cfg is as above, but uses the reference MC as input rather
0019         than regenerating it.
0021 EvtGen+DetSim.cfg runs the event generation and detector simulation
0022         using the same .cfi files as above. The ouput goes to 
0023         evtgen_detsim.root which can then be processed by GlobalValProducer.cfg
0024         to produce the same GlobalValProducer.root as the full chain, but 
0025         allowing for faster turn-around while debugging the code
0026 EvtGen.cfg just creates a reference MC sample
0027 Global.cfg uses evtgen_detsim.root (or any file which contains
0028         the output of SimG4Core) to add the PGlobalSimHit object
0031 There are two macros to process the data.
0033 MakeHistograms.C(src,out) is a macro that processes 
0034         src input file (default GlobalHits.root) creating an output 
0035         (default GlobalHitsHistograms) ps file with formatted histograms 
0036         as well as a root file holding the same histograms. This macro makes 
0037         use of the PGlobalSimHit accessor methods, so a .rootrc and 
0038         rootlogon.C file is provided to load the FWLite package to 
0039         provide this functionality.
0040 MakeValidation.C(src,ref,out) is a macro that processes src input file
0041         (default GlobalHitsHistograms.root) comparing it against the reference 
0042         file (default GlobalHitsHistograms-reference.root) from a previous 
0043         release using the Chi2Test method and produces a 
0044         out (default GlobalHitsHistogramsCompare) ps file 
0045         with the superimposed plots (dashed blue for reference, solid red for 
0046         new) and the returned value of the Chi2Test.
0048 valid_global.csh is a script to run all of the necesary packages in order to
0049         perform a validation of a new release