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This SQL query returns the run, subrun, SM number, crystal number, and the number of events over the low and hi threshold as written by the DQM, given a minum number of events over the low and high thresholds.
SELECT riov.run_num run, miov.subrun_num subrun, rdat.id1 SM, cv.id2 crystal, occ.events_over_low_threshold n_lo, occ.events_over_high_threshold n_hi FROM run_iov riov JOIN run_tag rtag ON rtag.tag_id = riov.tag_id JOIN location_def ldef ON ldef.def_id = rtag.location_id JOIN (SELECT iov_id, cv.id1 FROM run_dat rdat JOIN channelview cv ON cv.logic_id = rdat.logic_id AND = cv.maps_to) rdat ON rdat.iov_id = riov.iov_id JOIN mon_run_iov miov ON miov.run_iov_id = riov.iov_id JOIN mon_occupancy_dat occ ON occ.iov_id = miov.iov_id JOIN channelview cv ON cv.logic_id = occ.logic_id AND = cv.maps_to WHERE ldef.location = 'H4B' AND occ.events_over_low_threshold >= ? AND occ.events_over_high_threshold >= ? ORDER BY run, SM, crystal


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This code provides an interface to the Ecal Databases, using OCCI. For the moment see the header files and the examples in the test/ directory for documentation.


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&quote;folder&quote; perl/ - 2024-04-18 02:04:01

Online Conditions Database Perl Utilities
These perl programs are used to create and administer the ECAL online conditions database. In order to use the programs, you must first define which machine/database you are connecting to with a file somewhere in your library path.

&quote;folder&quote; rootscripts/ - 2024-04-18 02:04:01

These ROOT scripts were created by Francesca to access the ECAL online DB via ROOT.
They can be taken as examples for further analysis using the DB. Please see the schema PDFs in the doc/ directory to see what is available in the DB.
- Ricky Egeland

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ECAL Conditions Database Web Application
This PHP code allows the user to browse the ECAL conditions database and make plots.
(Reccommended) Requirements: PHP 5+ Apache 2+ CMSSW 0_7_0+
1. All PHP source files are in the same directory 2. Apache has rights to write into this directory 3. A CMSSW release was bootstrapped into the above directory, the package OnlineDB/EcalCondDB was checked out from CVS and built. This places the cmsecal_rootplot program in the CMSSW_*/bin/<arch>/ directory. 4. A directory called 'plotcache' exists and apache has rights to write there

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