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  1. 44774 from @AdrianoDee: [14_0_X] Allow Runtime Number of Hits for Alpaka Pixel Reconstruction geometry heterogeneous reconstruction tracking trk created: 2024-04-18 14:57:46 merged: 2024-04-18 20:55:56

  2. 44768 from @mmusich: [14.0.X] fixup eta lookup in absEtaLowEdges_ in miscellaneous RecoEgamma/EgammaHLTProducers plugins hlt egamma created: 2024-04-18 06:47:26 merged: 2024-04-18 18:09:52

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_14_0_5_patch1/el8_amd64_gcc12 and REL/CMSSW_14_0_5_patch2/el8_amd64_gcc12:

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