Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC28:

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  1. 13836 from @sviret: Stub builder bug fixes for the L1 tracking 62X release comparison l1 created: 2016-03-24T20:43:33Z merged: 2016-03-31T12:07:13Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC28/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC28_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC27:

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  1. 6436 from @smuzaffar: Added the missing Done Checking dependency message needed by the IBs scripts created: 2014-11-17T11:25:02Z merged: 2014-11-17T11:25:25Z

  2. 12962 from @lgray: Hermetic Timing SLHC27 (fix crashes in RECO so we can use the usual workflows) analysis comparison dqm reconstruction created: 2016-01-15T14:19:51Z merged: 2016-02-09T14:27:02Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC27/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC28/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch4:

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  1. 12290 from @lgray: Baseline for Hermetic Timing Demo (SLHC) dqm operations reconstruction simulation created: 2015-11-06T16:32:15Z merged: 2015-11-13T15:18:19Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch4/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC27/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 1834 from @smuzaffar: updated das client/wrapper created: 2013-12-16T18:52:39Z merged: 2013-12-20T11:24:24Z

  2. 1655 from @smuzaffar: updated scram and config tags created: 2013-12-03T09:04:42Z merged: 2013-12-06T12:32:51Z

  3. 1610 from @degano: Remove patch for symlink and force them through makefile options instead created: 2013-11-27T14:25:59Z merged: 2013-11-29T08:28:03Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch3:

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  1. 11998 from @mark-grimes: Modification to #11868 (configuring flat BS + DQM GUI) pdmv simulation created: 2015-10-20T17:05:50Z merged: 2015-10-21T09:56:42Z

  2. 11977 from @heppye: Create Bs_phiphi_4K.dec generators created: 2015-10-20T07:48:18Z merged: 2015-10-20T10:36:39Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch3/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch4/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch2:

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  1. 10152 from @lgray: Move PCA pos calc into plugins reconstruction created: 2015-07-11T18:40:44Z merged: 2015-07-13T14:52:08Z

  2. 10156 from @boudoul: New Scenarios for SD: HGCAL ee18 without Tracker Extension pdmv created: 2015-07-12T01:25:03Z merged: 2015-07-13T14:52:01Z

  3. 10144 from @lgray: HGC V6 Geometry RECO step patch. reconstruction simulation created: 2015-07-11T08:23:06Z merged: 2015-07-13T11:42:03Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch3/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch1:

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  1. 9974 from @mark-grimes: Remove unnecessary error message in Arbor reconstruction created: 2015-06-30T15:17:24Z merged: 2015-06-30T17:21:42Z

  2. 9969 from @boudoul: fix BE5DPixel10DCoolingDefect and BE5DPixel10DDefect simulation created: 2015-06-30T12:08:14Z merged: 2015-06-30T16:42:01Z

  3. 9946 from @lgray: Reconstruction for the Scope Document reconstruction created: 2015-06-28T18:46:23Z merged: 2015-06-30T14:42:35Z

  4. 9966 from @mark-grimes: Fix merge conflicts in #9958 (HGCAL Descope in RunTheMatrix) pdmv created: 2015-06-30T11:02:19Z merged: 2015-06-30T14:41:52Z

  5. 9932 from @boudoul: Tracker Descope Reference : Fullscope + Defects geometry pdmv simulation created: 2015-06-27T02:40:56Z merged: 2015-06-29T22:32:35Z

  6. 9933 from @boudoul: Removing cout from dqm created: 2015-06-27T03:02:18Z merged: 2015-06-29T18:41:41Z

  7. 9830 from @boudoul: Tracker Descope Scenarios LHCCNoDefect geometry pdmv simulation created: 2015-06-23T11:41:53Z merged: 2015-06-23T17:05:58Z

  8. 9681 from @jiafulow: Update TrackingParticleFactory::vectorIsInsideVolume(…) function in TrackingTruthAccumulator simulation created: 2015-06-19T13:20:01Z merged: 2015-06-19T13:51:48Z

  9. 9616 from @boudoul: new DQM GUI tested in parallel pdmv created: 2015-06-15T08:26:13Z merged: 2015-06-15T14:47:09Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26:

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  1. 9545 from @mark-grimes: Remove error messages about missing collections from 2017 validation sequence dqm created: 2015-06-10T15:22:50Z merged: 2015-06-10T20:04:16Z

  2. 9546 from @mark-grimes: Remove unnecessary output from PFBlockAlgo reconstruction created: 2015-06-10T15:25:03Z merged: 2015-06-10T20:04:10Z

  3. 9455 from @mark-grimes: Fix crash in ElectronSeedProducer reconstruction created: 2015-06-04T15:52:14Z merged: 2015-06-05T22:51:32Z

  4. 9419 from @boudoul: 2400 MB changed to 3000 pdmv created: 2015-06-02T19:29:57Z merged: 2015-06-03T10:48:06Z

  5. 9328 from @idebruyn: New DQM and Validation plots for Phase 2 Outer Tracker created: 2015-05-29T08:56:49Z merged: 2015-05-31T17:46:42Z

  6. 9323 from @bsunanda: bsunanda:Phase2-hgx29 Have a standalone configuration for HGCal geometry simulation created: 2015-05-28T18:26:20Z merged: 2015-05-31T17:42:45Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch6:

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  1. 9306 from @boudoul: Latest version of Tracker descope geometry simulation created: 2015-05-28T00:07:32Z merged: 2015-05-28T05:06:17Z

  2. 9243 from @mark-grimes: Copy some memory improvements from 75X to SLHC reconstruction created: 2015-05-23T07:18:02Z merged: 2015-05-24T21:45:29Z

  3. 9227 from @lgray: Fix PFCluster and PFEGamma memory reconstruction created: 2015-05-22T09:58:17Z merged: 2015-05-22T13:21:32Z

  4. 9192 from @cms-btv-pog: Protection for pt=0 ghost candidates in jet flavor clustering (62X_SLHC) analysis created: 2015-05-21T00:32:52Z merged: 2015-05-22T10:07:55Z

  5. 9203 from @mark-grimes: Trim FastjetJetProducer memory reconstruction created: 2015-05-21T13:24:20Z merged: 2015-05-22T10:07:33Z

  6. 9194 from @mark-grimes: Swap with empty vectors to free up memory in ElectronSeedProducer reconstruction created: 2015-05-21T01:09:46Z merged: 2015-05-21T07:17:14Z

  7. 9106 from @mark-grimes: Use shrink_to_fit on the PFRecHit collections reconstruction created: 2015-05-15T13:35:48Z merged: 2015-05-20T13:18:26Z

  8. 9147 from @mark-grimes: Use shrink_to_fit on TrackProducer collections core reconstruction created: 2015-05-19T10:17:39Z merged: 2015-05-20T13:17:43Z

  9. 9135 from @mark-grimes: Backport RunningAverage and use for PFRecHitProducer reserve core reconstruction created: 2015-05-18T15:25:14Z merged: 2015-05-19T11:17:50Z

  10. 9140 from @mark-grimes: Secondary input source improvements/fixes (backport of #9091) core created: 2015-05-18T18:07:32Z merged: 2015-05-19T11:17:21Z

  11. 9096 from @mark-grimes: Use shrink_to_fit on tracker seed collections reconstruction created: 2015-05-14T20:30:49Z merged: 2015-05-18T16:38:26Z

  12. 9084 from @mark-grimes: Fix memory leak in PandoraTranslator created: 2015-05-14T11:22:11Z merged: 2015-05-18T02:41:42Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch6/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC26/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch5:

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  1. 9023 from @mark-grimes: Small change to #9016 (Fix of the Linking in PF for forward tracks) reconstruction simulation created: 2015-05-09T13:32:28Z merged: 2015-05-09T15:27:56Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch5/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch6/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch4:

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  1. 8985 from @mark-grimes: Secondary input source chooses first file to open randomly (SLHC) core created: 2015-05-07T12:18:39Z merged: 2015-05-07T14:04:37Z

  2. 8979 from @mark-grimes: Change fast timing workflows to stop using crossing frames pdmv simulation created: 2015-05-06T23:12:02Z merged: 2015-05-07T10:49:23Z

  3. 8975 from @mark-grimes: Add an option to TrackingTruthAccumulator to save a collection of the initial interactions fastsim simulation created: 2015-05-06T17:09:42Z merged: 2015-05-06T21:04:23Z

  4. 8852 from @makortel: Add monitoring plots for shared track fraction to vertex validation dqm created: 2015-04-23T13:55:18Z merged: 2015-04-28T06:58:56Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch4/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch5/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch3:

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  1. 8856 from @kpedro88: switch to Pandora recipe with no fragment removal algorithms created: 2015-04-23T16:51:54Z merged: 2015-04-24T08:57:46Z

  2. 8798 from @kpedro88: update JEC DB writer to make path configurable and use FileInPath consistently analysis created: 2015-04-20T15:45:32Z merged: 2015-04-21T12:34:16Z

  3. 8681 from @boudoul: New scenario without Pixel Extension (phase2, HGCAL version of the calorimeter) geometry operations pdmv simulation created: 2015-04-08T16:21:00Z merged: 2015-04-17T16:42:54Z

  4. 8763 from @kpedro88: add customise_aging_150, update turn_off_Pixel_aging simulation created: 2015-04-16T19:35:09Z merged: 2015-04-16T22:06:16Z

  5. 8749 from @makortel: Backport vertex validation developments from 75X to SLHC dqm created: 2015-04-15T11:03:22Z merged: 2015-04-16T19:52:56Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch3/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch4/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch2:

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  1. 8613 from @boudoul: Fix runTheMatrix Workflows (fast timing + recycling) pdmv simulation created: 2015-03-31T12:14:29Z merged: 2015-04-02T15:35:14Z

  2. 8518 from @boudoul: TTI (Track Trigger Integration) descope scenarios geometry simulation created: 2015-03-25T12:45:02Z merged: 2015-03-26T15:40:14Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch3/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch1:

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  1. 8467 from @lgray: Remove Global Compensation from HGCal Reconstruction created: 2015-03-23T11:05:38Z merged: 2015-03-24T07:46:42Z

  2. 8457 from @boudoul: updating Fast Timing WFs pdmv simulation created: 2015-03-22T20:00:15Z merged: 2015-03-23T23:52:14Z

  3. 8369 from @alja: SLHC: Full framework PFCanidate proxy builder drawing HGCal cells and envelope trapezoid visualization created: 2015-03-17T23:37:23Z merged: 2015-03-19T05:47:05Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25:

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  1. 8324 from @boudoul: Update RunTheMatrix (phase1 aging + fasttimig with new BS) pdmv created: 2015-03-16T13:22:31Z merged: 2015-03-17T11:17:15Z

  2. 8320 from @simonepigazzini: Add fixed HLLHC vertex generator (HLLHC_Fix) operations simulation created: 2015-03-16T11:25:28Z merged: 2015-03-17T10:57:46Z

  3. 8319 from @hengne: extend Shashlik H/E cut not only for seeding, also in GsfElectronProduce… simulation created: 2015-03-16T11:24:08Z merged: 2015-03-17T05:04:38Z

  4. 8275 from @salerno: Improved cuts for electron reconstruction in HGCal reconstruction simulation created: 2015-03-13T16:07:26Z merged: 2015-03-17T04:48:07Z

  5. 8305 from @lgray: latest calibrations from Pedro + global compensation plugin created: 2015-03-15T08:47:39Z merged: 2015-03-17T04:47:58Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC24:

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  1. 8232 from @hengne: make the Et threshold cut in Mustache only apply for Shashlik reconstruction simulation created: 2015-03-12T20:14:46Z merged: 2015-03-13T13:18:12Z

  2. 8220 from @PFCal-dev: removing pixel saturation for heb simulation created: 2015-03-12T11:23:52Z merged: 2015-03-12T11:33:45Z

  3. 8187 from @kpedro88: update Pandora recipe to use new fast algos created: 2015-03-10T22:57:10Z merged: 2015-03-12T10:13:11Z

  4. 8180 from @mark-grimes: Small change to #8179 (Electron fix of H/E fill in GsfElectronAlgo) reconstruction simulation created: 2015-03-10T17:38:29Z merged: 2015-03-11T03:02:57Z

  5. 8166 from @mark-grimes: Add Phase1 and Shashlik specific H/E settings for electron reconstruction simulation created: 2015-03-09T23:23:38Z merged: 2015-03-10T14:22:16Z

  6. 8169 from @hengne: fix bug in separating H/E methods for barrel and endcap reconstruction created: 2015-03-10T09:28:06Z merged: 2015-03-10T11:16:42Z

  7. 8165 from @lgray: enforce use of EM energy in PFSC code for HGCAL reconstruction created: 2015-03-09T23:17:16Z merged: 2015-03-10T09:37:05Z

  8. 8046 from @mark-grimes: Small fix to PR #7823 (Adding the retina fitter) l1 created: 2015-03-03T19:39:09Z merged: 2015-03-09T23:49:29Z

  9. 8117 from @michelif: Bug fixes and Optimization of PF cluster producer in shashlik reconstruction created: 2015-03-06T14:01:03Z merged: 2015-03-09T23:49:22Z

  10. 8032 from @thomaslenzi: Integration of the new SiPhase2Clusterizer in CMSSW simulation created: 2015-03-03T13:58:37Z merged: 2015-03-09T23:41:50Z

  11. 8021 from @emiglior: add ntuplizer for pixel hits geometry created: 2015-03-02T23:42:35Z merged: 2015-03-06T17:52:37Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC24/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC25/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 1444 from @degano: Update pandora. created: 2013-11-13T09:00:03Z merged: 2013-11-13T13:35:45Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23_patch2:

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  1. 8023 from @lgray: Topic pandora track cleaning reconstruction created: 2015-03-03T04:46:40Z merged: 2015-03-03T10:16:42Z

  2. 8015 from @lgray: Refresh the index map of pointers to hits and tracks in Pandora translator created: 2015-03-02T20:16:24Z merged: 2015-03-02T23:51:38Z

  3. 7993 from @mark-grimes: Add workflows to reconstruct HGCal using PandoraPFA pdmv created: 2015-02-27T17:03:44Z merged: 2015-03-02T11:31:54Z

  4. 8008 from @boudoul: rework descope Tracker Scenarios geometry pdmv simulation created: 2015-03-01T23:15:35Z merged: 2015-03-02T11:16:25Z

  5. 8003 from @lgray: Remove static pointer holding Pandora created: 2015-02-28T17:51:46Z merged: 2015-03-02T10:57:02Z

  6. 7967 from @venturia: Re-organization of occupancy macros and documentation, change of the Geometry cff (for SLHC branch) analysis created: 2015-02-26T18:02:54Z merged: 2015-02-27T15:17:19Z

  7. 7985 from @mark-grimes: Switch to optimised PandoraPFA created: 2015-02-27T14:44:09Z merged: 2015-02-27T15:06:19Z

  8. 7961 from @kpedro88: Add PandoraTranslator to RecoParticleFlow reconstruction created: 2015-02-26T08:07:04Z merged: 2015-02-26T23:26:17Z

  9. 7859 from @bsunanda: bsunanda:Phase2-hgx28 Bug fix for SimHit validation and Geometry access parameter geometry created: 2015-02-19T13:25:32Z merged: 2015-02-24T13:59:47Z

  10. 7755 from @mark-grimes: Fix memory leak in MuonTagger reconstruction created: 2015-02-16T13:59:34Z merged: 2015-02-17T17:25:26Z

  11. 7753 from @mark-grimes: Fix memory leak in ME0RecHitProducer reconstruction created: 2015-02-16T11:27:26Z merged: 2015-02-17T16:47:00Z

  12. 7751 from @mark-grimes: Fix memory leak in ME0SegmentMatcher (again) reconstruction created: 2015-02-16T10:31:18Z merged: 2015-02-17T16:07:27Z

  13. 7695 from @bsunanda: bsunanda:Phase2-hgx27 (HE Rebuild integrated with HGCAL) dqm geometry created: 2015-02-12T13:59:34Z merged: 2015-02-16T04:56:52Z

  14. 7626 from @makortel: Fix cluster-TP association for TrajectorySeeds in QuickTrackAssociatorByHits simulation created: 2015-02-09T10:15:54Z merged: 2015-02-10T17:26:30Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC24/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 1429 from @degano: Update igprof to 5.9.14. created: 2013-11-12T18:42:52Z merged: 2013-11-13T13:42:49Z

  2. 1420 from @degano: Update pandora to latest version. created: 2013-11-12T15:17:00Z merged: 2013-11-15T10:24:17Z

  3. 1411 from @degano: Add Pandora to the externals. created: 2013-11-11T22:50:24Z merged: 2013-11-20T11:20:29Z

  4. 1314 from @smuzaffar: update config tag created: 2013-11-04T15:59:47Z merged: 2013-11-05T22:41:59Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23_patch1:

compare to previous

  1. 7534 from @smuzaffar: use release/glimpse is exists otherwise fallback to release/src/glimpse core created: 2015-02-03T15:41:29Z merged: 2015-02-05T00:00:54Z

  2. 7530 from @sethzenz: Calibration, linking, resolution parameterization for PF for HGCal reconstruction created: 2015-02-03T15:13:21Z merged: 2015-02-04T23:17:11Z

  3. 7554 from @mark-grimes: Rebase of #7310 (cleaning RunTheMatrix) pdmv created: 2015-02-04T11:38:07Z merged: 2015-02-04T11:44:40Z

  4. 7305 from @thomaslenzi: Create Data Format for Phase2TrackerCluster1D created: 2015-01-21T14:21:58Z merged: 2015-02-03T12:03:38Z

  5. 7258 from @boudoul: adding 2019Gem with aging and PU pdmv created: 2015-01-18T16:59:49Z merged: 2015-02-03T09:30:45Z

  6. 7418 from @lgray: Updates to HGC EM Calibration + Typo fix in sigma eta eta reconstruction created: 2015-01-28T13:22:37Z merged: 2015-02-03T04:26:41Z

  7. 7190 from @sviret: Pursue AM code optimization l1 created: 2015-01-15T16:04:57Z merged: 2015-02-02T20:41:23Z

  8. 7140 from @vandreev11: HGCAL V6 geometry Z partitions geometry created: 2015-01-12T16:30:07Z merged: 2015-01-27T18:37:33Z

  9. 7274 from @fratnikov: make silent tests of Shashlik cells validity geometry created: 2015-01-20T04:43:20Z merged: 2015-01-20T06:06:13Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23:

compare to previous

  1. 7211 from @mark-grimes: Add debug PF collections to Shashlik event content simulation created: 2015-01-16T10:07:07Z merged: 2015-01-16T12:00:05Z

  2. 7210 from @mark-grimes: Increase Method2 overlapping pulse limit reconstruction created: 2015-01-16T09:28:25Z merged: 2015-01-16T09:32:19Z

  3. 7205 from @mark-grimes: Reduce fit errors in HCal local reco to a summary reconstruction created: 2015-01-16T02:19:29Z merged: 2015-01-16T09:19:45Z

  4. 7174 from @sabrandt: handle overlapping pulses reconstruction created: 2015-01-14T20:00:48Z merged: 2015-01-16T09:06:00Z

  5. 7196 from @hengne: modify PFRecHitQTests to separate timing cut for HB and HE reconstruction created: 2015-01-15T18:59:53Z merged: 2015-01-16T09:05:44Z

  6. 7184 from @boudoul: Fix layer Removal geometry simulation created: 2015-01-15T14:09:01Z merged: 2015-01-16T08:42:48Z

  7. 7180 from @lgray: Significant improvements to HGC Jet Energy Response/Resolution and linking reconstruction created: 2015-01-15T13:10:09Z merged: 2015-01-16T02:28:52Z

  8. 7204 from @mark-grimes: Small change to #7101 (Integration of the Tracker Clusterizer for Phase2) simulation created: 2015-01-16T00:46:32Z merged: 2015-01-16T01:27:27Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC22_patch1:

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  1. 7150 from @lgray: Further improvements to HGC pion response. reconstruction created: 2015-01-13T10:22:58Z merged: 2015-01-13T15:00:17Z

  2. 7125 from @lgray: HGC EM + Hadronic Merged Clustering reconstruction simulation created: 2015-01-11T20:53:54Z merged: 2015-01-13T08:32:44Z

  3. 7146 from @hengne: update HCAL RecHit timing cut after the update in local reco reconstruction created: 2015-01-12T19:08:16Z merged: 2015-01-13T07:59:39Z

  4. 7131 from @boudoul: Adding Dead modules for the new tracker ScenarioTracker geometry operations pdmv simulation created: 2015-01-12T05:50:50Z merged: 2015-01-12T10:31:52Z

  5. 7123 from @hengne: fix mistake in the last commit and remove pf cluster timing cut module reconstruction created: 2015-01-11T15:39:27Z merged: 2015-01-12T09:32:05Z

  6. 7111 from @sabrandt: Update reconstruction created: 2015-01-09T23:07:51Z merged: 2015-01-11T14:52:01Z

  7. 7117 from @hengne: Apply the cuts on the HCAL RecHit timing on the -7.5 and +17.5 ns edges … reconstruction created: 2015-01-10T21:12:05Z merged: 2015-01-11T14:51:54Z

  8. 7104 from @sabrandt: Restored re-weighting functionality reconstruction created: 2015-01-09T11:45:10Z merged: 2015-01-11T11:41:41Z

  9. 7077 from @fratnikov: add AK4 jets to event content reconstruction created: 2015-01-07T22:52:32Z merged: 2015-01-08T19:22:03Z

  10. 7053 from @mark-grimes: Small changes to #6956 (Fast timing shashlik) reconstruction simulation created: 2015-01-06T15:08:25Z merged: 2015-01-06T17:15:51Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC22_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC23/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC22:

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  1. 7050 from @sabrandt: Update reconstruction created: 2015-01-06T12:51:05Z merged: 2015-01-06T13:11:47Z

  2. 7048 from @bachtis: Trivial PF cluster timing cuts for the fixed local reco reconstruction created: 2015-01-06T11:15:05Z merged: 2015-01-06T12:14:48Z

  3. 7043 from @lgray: Widen cluster search region in HGC EM clustering reconstruction created: 2015-01-05T15:53:09Z merged: 2015-01-06T12:04:10Z

  4. 7046 from @PFCal-dev: forcing full declaration of HEScintillator as HE rebuild SD geometry created: 2015-01-06T08:56:12Z merged: 2015-01-06T12:03:51Z

  5. 7040 from @vandreev11: Hgcal v6 hesci geometry modif geometry created: 2015-01-04T08:29:03Z merged: 2015-01-06T10:40:14Z

  6. 7016 from @boudoul: DY fragments at 14TeV for 62XSLHC generators pdmv created: 2014-12-28T17:55:52Z merged: 2014-12-30T07:25:52Z

  7. 7019 from @boudoul: fix 2023Muondev (development scenario) geometry created: 2014-12-29T20:22:59Z merged: 2014-12-30T07:25:46Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC22/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC22_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC21_patch1:

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  1. 6983 from @mark-grimes: Small change to #6967 (Upgrade time cuts) reconstruction created: 2014-12-19T13:08:48Z merged: 2014-12-19T13:14:59Z

  2. 6953 from @boudoul: using recosim - removing DQM for HGCAL memory reduction pdmv created: 2014-12-17T04:58:40Z merged: 2014-12-19T00:32:26Z

  3. 6952 from @boudoul: Scenario to remove the Pixel extension geometry operations pdmv simulation created: 2014-12-17T04:10:14Z merged: 2014-12-19T00:00:52Z

  4. 6945 from @lgray: switch all egm electron producers to use cluster based h/e reconstruction simulation created: 2014-12-16T14:53:04Z merged: 2014-12-18T23:51:22Z

  5. 6937 from @violatingcp: fixed bug in chi2 calculation reconstruction created: 2014-12-15T19:26:10Z merged: 2014-12-17T10:47:06Z

  6. 6907 from @fratnikov: add ak4 gen and PF jets to corresponding sequences reconstruction created: 2014-12-13T22:32:50Z merged: 2014-12-15T11:04:54Z

  7. 6893 from @lgray: Reduce HGC rechit memory footprint reconstruction created: 2014-12-12T13:57:00Z merged: 2014-12-15T10:12:23Z

  8. 6894 from @mark-grimes: Add HGCal V6 workflow geometry pdmv simulation created: 2014-12-12T15:15:19Z merged: 2014-12-15T10:12:16Z

  9. 6812 from @bsunanda: bsunanda:Phase2-hgx24 geometry simulation created: 2014-12-07T07:47:34Z merged: 2014-12-12T13:47:15Z

  10. 6467 from @idebruyn: Adding the DQM and Validation packages for the Phase 2 OuterTracker simulation created: 2014-11-18T09:46:59Z merged: 2014-12-11T13:31:52Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC21_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC22/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC21:

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  1. 6838 from @mark-grimes: Convert all logging to use the MessageLogger reconstruction created: 2014-12-09T11:34:14Z merged: 2014-12-09T11:37:03Z

  2. 6827 from @mark-grimes: Configuration changes to Method2 pulse fit reconstruction created: 2014-12-08T15:17:44Z merged: 2014-12-09T10:52:43Z

  3. 6836 from @boudoul: updating runthematrix : PU dataset/QCDForPF_14TeV/aging GT pdmv created: 2014-12-09T09:11:31Z merged: 2014-12-09T10:52:01Z

  4. 6811 from @lihux25: Method2 for phase II reconstruction created: 2014-12-06T22:17:56Z merged: 2014-12-08T09:22:21Z

  5. 6750 from @bsunanda: bsunanda:PhaseII-trk02 geometry created: 2014-12-03T06:15:22Z merged: 2014-12-04T11:58:42Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC21/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC21_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC20_patch1:

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  1. 6697 from @PFCal-dev: New hgc clusters electrons reconstruction created: 2014-11-29T08:40:11Z merged: 2014-11-30T21:36:56Z

  2. 6684 from @mark-grimes: Subset of #6267 (Updating TanLorentzAnglePerTesla parameter…) created: 2014-11-28T12:34:58Z merged: 2014-11-28T12:36:44Z

  3. 6575 from @boudoul: new phase1Pixel version geometry created: 2014-11-24T21:00:27Z merged: 2014-11-26T21:36:47Z

  4. 6585 from @mark-grimes: Fix PR #6576 (Me0 global reco) dqm fastsim reconstruction simulation created: 2014-11-25T11:44:21Z merged: 2014-11-25T17:13:13Z

  5. 6572 from @lgray: New hgc clusters electrons geometry reconstruction simulation created: 2014-11-24T16:58:52Z merged: 2014-11-25T16:43:43Z

  6. 6466 from @jshlee: HLT adding gem hlt simulation created: 2014-11-18T09:30:07Z merged: 2014-11-25T16:14:59Z

  7. 6580 from @boudoul: Fix the HGCAL PU workflow + PU datasets pdmv created: 2014-11-25T01:13:00Z merged: 2014-11-25T15:16:58Z

  8. 6442 from @smuzaffar: Added the missing Done Checking dependency message needed by the IBs scripts created: 2014-11-17T11:32:07Z merged: 2014-11-17T11:32:31Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC20_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC21/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 1216 from @degano: Update frotier client to 2.8.11 for 6_2_X SLHC. created: 2013-10-29T12:55:44Z merged: 2013-11-01T11:46:24Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC20:

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  1. 6197 from @bachtis: Fix for eta 3 problem in HE reconstruction created: 2014-11-04T12:50:24Z merged: 2014-11-12T04:36:15Z

  2. 6268 from @matz-e: Fix HCAL etaRange signature geometry created: 2014-11-07T12:48:18Z merged: 2014-11-10T23:26:25Z

  3. 6284 from @kpedro88: reorganize HCAL aging functions alca simulation created: 2014-11-07T21:37:52Z merged: 2014-11-10T23:21:32Z

  4. 6315 from @kpedro88: remove reduced ES hits from Shashlik configuration simulation created: 2014-11-10T17:45:35Z merged: 2014-11-10T23:21:16Z

  5. 6148 from @bachtis: Putting the depth in the position calculator reconstruction created: 2014-10-31T16:59:24Z merged: 2014-11-06T21:51:33Z

  6. 6114 from @sviret: AM PR optimisation l1 created: 2014-10-30T13:22:43Z merged: 2014-11-06T21:46:41Z

  7. 6159 from @boudoul: Configuring runthematrix for high PU relval (+fix priority for injection) operations created: 2014-11-02T20:17:39Z merged: 2014-11-06T21:46:34Z

  8. 6078 from @bendavid: Shashlik reconstruction noise model update reconstruction created: 2014-10-29T13:03:43Z merged: 2014-11-03T16:47:51Z

  9. 6084 from @dildick: enable CSC-RPC ILT for positive endcap l1 created: 2014-10-29T16:21:58Z merged: 2014-11-03T16:47:44Z

  10. 6098 from @osschar: Configuration load bugfix + GeometryView improvement visualization created: 2014-10-29T23:20:12Z merged: 2014-11-03T16:47:36Z

  11. 6169 from @mark-grimes: Remove unnecessary cout from DQMStore constructor dqm created: 2014-11-03T10:44:27Z merged: 2014-11-03T16:46:53Z

  12. 6175 from @mark-grimes: Pull request #6059 with a fix to memory handling alca simulation created: 2014-11-03T15:03:25Z merged: 2014-11-03T16:41:54Z

  13. 6048 from @pozzobon: safety added after new digitizer l1 simulation created: 2014-10-28T14:15:53Z merged: 2014-11-03T15:13:01Z

  14. 6057 from @jbsauvan: fix layer condition in HGCalDDDConstants::newCell() geometry created: 2014-10-28T20:17:38Z merged: 2014-11-03T15:12:53Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC20/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC20/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC19:

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  1. 6050 from @nclopezo: DataFormats/L1Trigger – updated class version to l1extra::L1MuonParticleExtended::StationData l1 created: 2014-10-28T15:21:00Z merged: 2014-10-28T15:42:18Z

  2. 6039 from @lgray: HGC V5 Calibration weights reconstruction created: 2014-10-28T11:08:32Z merged: 2014-10-28T12:07:48Z

  3. 6024 from @ianna: HGCal Material Budget Validation dqm geometry created: 2014-10-27T15:30:59Z merged: 2014-10-28T11:12:43Z

  4. 5889 from @venturia: Bug fix to avoid duplicated clusters on the same track in upgraded FPIX analysis reconstruction created: 2014-10-19T14:54:03Z merged: 2014-10-28T10:17:55Z

  5. 6035 from @kpedro88: HE recalibration for radiation damage scenarios alca simulation created: 2014-10-28T00:23:22Z merged: 2014-10-28T03:42:20Z

  6. 6004 from @mileva: Improved GEM cls model, bkg at high lumi, efficiecny for electron, neg s… simulation created: 2014-10-25T15:40:46Z merged: 2014-10-27T14:53:21Z

  7. 5910 from @dnash86: Fixed me0segment box size reconstruction created: 2014-10-21T15:34:35Z merged: 2014-10-24T14:19:01Z

  8. 5936 from @ianna: HGCal Material Budget Validation dqm geometry created: 2014-10-22T14:39:52Z merged: 2014-10-24T14:18:54Z

  9. 5968 from @mark-grimes: Fix 100xx (2017) workflows reconstruction created: 2014-10-23T16:17:12Z merged: 2014-10-23T16:52:12Z

  10. 5905 from @ianna: Hgcal Thermal Screen geometry created: 2014-10-21T10:24:37Z merged: 2014-10-22T23:27:36Z

  11. 5935 from @vandreev11: HGC V5 geometry modification to include inner thermal screen and support… geometry created: 2014-10-22T14:33:14Z merged: 2014-10-22T23:27:26Z

  12. 5923 from @mark-grimes: Shashlik out of time pileup mitigation analysis dqm fastsim operations reconstruction simulation created: 2014-10-22T08:15:44Z merged: 2014-10-22T23:22:38Z

  13. 5916 from @fratnikov: introduce different scenarios for HE darkening alca simulation created: 2014-10-21T19:18:24Z merged: 2014-10-22T15:43:06Z

  14. 5925 from @boudoul: fix 2017dev scenario geometry created: 2014-10-22T11:08:18Z merged: 2014-10-22T13:02:33Z

  15. 5895 from @ianna: Phase2 Beampipe in All 2023 Scenarios geometry created: 2014-10-20T14:26:44Z merged: 2014-10-22T11:02:38Z

  16. 5838 from @vandreev11: HGCAL V5 geometry modifications2 geometry created: 2014-10-15T19:53:12Z merged: 2014-10-22T07:53:12Z

  17. 5847 from @lgray: More HGC Linking Incrementals reconstruction visualization created: 2014-10-16T07:58:38Z merged: 2014-10-22T00:37:22Z

  18. 5920 from @mark-grimes: Minor modifications to #5722 geometry l1 reconstruction simulation created: 2014-10-21T23:15:12Z merged: 2014-10-22T00:32:20Z

  19. 5806 from @vandreev11: HGCalHEB V5 geometry fix geometry created: 2014-10-14T08:43:41Z merged: 2014-10-22T00:27:35Z

  20. 5844 from @alja: slhc: Fix crash on remote X connection using XQuartz version 2.7.7 visualization created: 2014-10-15T21:49:04Z merged: 2014-10-18T15:07:30Z

  21. 5881 from @mark-grimes: Take the EE FEDs out of the HGCal raw-to-digi step simulation created: 2014-10-17T16:22:28Z merged: 2014-10-18T15:07:22Z

  22. 5810 from @mark-grimes: Minor modification to #5720 geometry operations simulation created: 2014-10-14T12:30:09Z merged: 2014-10-14T13:28:02Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC19/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC20/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 1132 from @smuzaffar: cmssw-tool-conf fixed to avoid cyrus-sasl/nss/nspr dependency created: 2013-10-22T14:23:16Z merged: 2013-10-22T16:12:45Z

  2. 1115 from @degano: Eigen backport to 62x SLHC. created: 2013-10-21T09:19:40Z merged: 2013-10-21T11:13:51Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC18:

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  1. 5742 from @bbockelm: Implement timeouts for the Xrootd client. core created: 2014-10-08T14:10:42Z merged: 2014-10-08T19:32:50Z

  2. 5671 from @mark-grimes: Fix failure during merge when histogram limits are invalid core dqm created: 2014-10-03T11:55:10Z merged: 2014-10-06T19:08:02Z

  3. 5683 from @deguio: Dqmio 620 slhc dqm operations created: 2014-10-03T16:46:04Z merged: 2014-10-06T18:32:51Z

  4. 5653 from @mrmonge: Cmssw 6 2 x slhc dqm geometry created: 2014-10-02T15:09:45Z merged: 2014-10-06T18:23:02Z

  5. 5627 from @lgray: HGC Linking Incrementals reconstruction created: 2014-09-30T14:56:58Z merged: 2014-10-06T18:12:51Z

  6. 5619 from @franzoni: set prio withing wma valid range operations created: 2014-09-30T10:15:48Z merged: 2014-10-03T08:22:50Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC18/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC19/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 1093 from @degano: Update Fireworks/Geometry. created: 2013-10-17T12:05:02Z merged: 2013-10-21T09:14:59Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17_patch2:

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  1. 5608 from @mark-grimes: Pull request #5430 with merge conflicts resolved created: 2014-09-29T11:33:19Z merged: 2014-09-29T11:52:45Z

  2. 5584 from @vandreev11: Hgc v5 geometry modifications geometry created: 2014-09-26T13:16:22Z merged: 2014-09-29T05:37:45Z

  3. 5585 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc deadzone mitigation geometry simulation created: 2014-09-26T13:37:38Z merged: 2014-09-29T05:32:45Z

  4. 5553 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc digi devel simulation created: 2014-09-24T21:36:29Z merged: 2014-09-26T14:12:59Z

  5. 5579 from @aglevine: small change to tau veto bit definition l1 created: 2014-09-26T11:01:21Z merged: 2014-09-26T14:12:49Z

  6. 5496 from @franzoni: RequestType RequestPriority for relval submission operations created: 2014-09-23T08:24:35Z merged: 2014-09-25T16:22:44Z

  7. 5489 from @bsunanda: bsunanda:Phase2-hgx23 created: 2014-09-23T04:45:04Z merged: 2014-09-23T12:47:48Z

  8. 5408 from @matz-e: Fix setting the # of presamples for HcalUpgradeDataFrame. simulation created: 2014-09-18T11:45:41Z merged: 2014-09-19T13:13:26Z

  9. 5323 from @alja: SLHC: revert FWRecoGeomteryESProducer ME0 change in the previous commit, add ME0 in TGeo reco visualization created: 2014-09-16T20:50:00Z merged: 2014-09-19T13:02:47Z

  10. 5247 from @alja: SLHC Fix crash on save of configuration when output file is invalid. visualization created: 2014-09-09T16:22:03Z merged: 2014-09-16T14:22:46Z

  11. 5219 from @boudoul: For new phase2digitizers (Reverting the DetId renumbering fix) created: 2014-09-08T13:48:15Z merged: 2014-09-16T14:18:59Z

  12. 5235 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc jumpinghits fix v2 geometry simulation created: 2014-09-09T09:52:24Z merged: 2014-09-16T14:18:51Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC18/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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  1. 977 from @degano: Take Fireworks/Geometry data from external and add github method. created: 2013-10-02T19:52:49Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:52:45Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17_patch1:

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  1. 5222 from @lgray: add mustache photon to all event content levels reconstruction simulation created: 2014-09-08T16:48:15Z merged: 2014-09-08T23:12:44Z

  2. 5143 from @alja: SLHC:: Import HGCal in reco-tgeo geometry, merge 7x devel visualization created: 2014-09-02T23:11:42Z merged: 2014-09-08T17:48:33Z

  3. 5184 from @apfeiffer1: 62x_SLHC version of renamed script with a uniqe name to avoid clashes … db created: 2014-09-05T09:28:29Z merged: 2014-09-08T17:42:54Z

  4. 5210 from @mark-grimes: Fix memory leak in ME0SegmentMatcher reconstruction created: 2014-09-08T08:14:49Z merged: 2014-09-08T09:02:50Z

  5. 5077 from @vandreev11: HGCAL thermal-screen-material fix geometry created: 2014-08-27T16:11:29Z merged: 2014-09-02T12:53:06Z

  6. 5046 from @alja: SLHC conversion of ecal and hcal reco geometry to TGeo format visualization created: 2014-08-25T18:21:27Z merged: 2014-09-02T11:58:06Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17_patch2/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17:

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  1. 5063 from @ianna: EE front shielding geometry visualization created: 2014-08-26T15:13:59Z merged: 2014-08-28T15:47:45Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC16_patch1:

compare to previous

  1. 5027 from @lgray: Add eta-dependent pt threshold to shashlik clusters reconstruction created: 2014-08-22T09:10:02Z merged: 2014-08-22T09:15:38Z

  2. 5024 from @lgray: Fix local covariances for shashlik reconstruction created: 2014-08-21T19:34:59Z merged: 2014-08-21T22:27:52Z

  3. 4907 from @ledovsk: Don’t check Shashlik for abnormal pulses reconstruction created: 2014-08-08T09:03:29Z merged: 2014-08-21T15:08:04Z

  4. 4939 from @mark-grimes: Fix Shashlik reco customisation when validation not present simulation created: 2014-08-13T13:04:04Z merged: 2014-08-13T16:47:47Z

  5. 4921 from @dildick: Gem csc rpc integrated trigger update l1 created: 2014-08-10T23:22:34Z merged: 2014-08-13T11:32:45Z

  6. 4916 from @alja: Port Fireworks changes from 7x to SLHC visualization created: 2014-08-09T05:35:08Z merged: 2014-08-13T11:17:46Z

  7. 4924 from @mark-grimes: Small Shashlik reco speed improvement reconstruction created: 2014-08-11T23:32:21Z merged: 2014-08-13T11:12:45Z

  8. 4911 from @vandreev11: HGCAL recogeometry fix for local (thus also global) x and y coordinates geometry created: 2014-08-08T17:57:40Z merged: 2014-08-12T11:42:45Z

  9. 4913 from @wmtford: Suppress ghost solutions for strip matched recHit simulation created: 2014-08-08T20:28:26Z merged: 2014-08-12T11:37:44Z

  10. 4908 from @bsunanda: Phase2-hgx22 geometry simulation created: 2014-08-08T12:25:28Z merged: 2014-08-11T12:57:47Z

  11. 4909 from @mark-grimes: Speed up Shashlik reconstruction at high pileup reconstruction created: 2014-08-08T13:11:22Z merged: 2014-08-11T12:52:48Z

  12. 4888 from @lgray: Shashlik Fixes -> re-add ECAL driven seeding + split off mustache photons reconstruction simulation created: 2014-08-06T10:58:56Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:57:52Z

  13. 4879 from @jbsauvan: L1 upgrade e/g: Add parameter to choose type of H/E cut l1 simulation created: 2014-08-05T14:45:36Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:53:15Z

  14. 4867 from @zhenbinwu: Turn off MET significance calculation in CaloMETs for SLHC reconstruction created: 2014-08-01T21:58:19Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:52:58Z

  15. 4896 from @mark-grimes: Fix error where a parameter was set for the wrong config reconstruction created: 2014-08-07T00:39:59Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:47:49Z

  16. 4869 from @mark-grimes: Also add EcalHitsEK to subdets, so that pileup is digitised simulation created: 2014-08-02T21:22:13Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:43:14Z

  17. 4870 from @boudoul: pixel aging at 300 / 500 fb-1 updated simulation created: 2014-08-04T07:09:15Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:43:06Z

  18. 4871 from @rovere: Vertex validation slhc16p1 dqm reconstruction simulation created: 2014-08-04T10:02:41Z merged: 2014-08-07T00:42:57Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC16_patch1/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC17/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

compare to previous

  1. 912 from @cms-sw: Add pthread patch and purge unused patch. created: 2013-09-24T21:53:18Z merged: 2013-09-25T08:30:26Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC16:

compare to previous

  1. 4860 from @mark-grimes: Update Shashlik mixObjects for EcalRecHitsEK simulation created: 2014-08-01T07:28:34Z merged: 2014-08-01T07:32:53Z

  2. 4845 from @matteosan1: bugfix for persistent gsfElectrons reconstruction created: 2014-07-31T11:42:09Z merged: 2014-08-01T06:22:47Z

  3. 4839 from @cms-analysis-tools: fix geometry for PAT geometry created: 2014-07-30T23:19:31Z merged: 2014-07-31T12:17:47Z

  4. 4804 from @jpavel: Updating the default preselection cuts and histrogram ranges dqm created: 2014-07-28T15:36:57Z merged: 2014-07-31T12:13:10Z

  5. 4838 from @zhenbinwu: Add Shashlik to METAlgorithm for Phase2 reconstruction created: 2014-07-30T22:19:21Z merged: 2014-07-31T12:12:50Z

  6. 4846 from @mark-grimes: Fix printout in #4792 l1 created: 2014-07-31T12:02:11Z merged: 2014-07-31T12:08:09Z

  7. 4795 from @bsunanda: Phase2-shk25 hlt reconstruction created: 2014-07-26T06:43:34Z merged: 2014-07-31T12:07:49Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC15:

compare to previous

  1. 4791 from @mark-grimes: Fix the Shashlik collections properly simulation created: 2014-07-25T15:30:14Z merged: 2014-07-25T15:32:52Z

  2. 4787 from @mark-grimes: Muon fix for Shashlik reconstruction created: 2014-07-25T11:35:11Z merged: 2014-07-25T13:52:46Z

  3. 4786 from @mark-grimes: Config changes for SLHC16 simulation created: 2014-07-25T09:23:38Z merged: 2014-07-25T11:47:45Z

  4. 4772 from @matteosan1: Topic EBEE seeding parameters reconstruction created: 2014-07-24T09:21:40Z merged: 2014-07-25T08:12:48Z

  5. 4746 from @lgray: EGM Fixes – Shashlik geometry reconstruction simulation created: 2014-07-22T19:26:58Z merged: 2014-07-23T08:17:50Z

  6. 4740 from @mark-grimes: Add the fix for old and new forward pixel DetId numbering to the Phase2 digitiser created: 2014-07-22T14:24:18Z merged: 2014-07-22T15:02:44Z

  7. 4738 from @mark-grimes: #4716 with merge conflicts resolved and Phase2 digitiser updated simulation created: 2014-07-22T12:16:38Z merged: 2014-07-22T13:17:49Z

  8. 4715 from @lgray: Massive HGC Clustering speed/memory improvements reconstruction simulation visualization created: 2014-07-21T01:59:36Z merged: 2014-07-21T18:42:48Z

  9. 4704 from @mileva: Moving to the previos digi model used for phase 1 MC simulation created: 2014-07-18T19:15:49Z merged: 2014-07-21T16:12:49Z

  10. 4714 from @mark-grimes: Remap forward pixel DetIds in files from from old CMSSW versions dqm operations simulation created: 2014-07-21T00:49:23Z merged: 2014-07-21T15:22:47Z

  11. 4680 from @wmtford: New strip simlinks62 xslhc simulation created: 2014-07-16T16:11:40Z merged: 2014-07-20T17:17:48Z

  12. 4701 from @kpedro88: add Shashlik to CaloTowers reconstruction simulation created: 2014-07-18T14:52:21Z merged: 2014-07-20T14:22:45Z

  13. 4691 from @mark-grimes: Add the HGCal calorimeter collections to the pileup mix simulation created: 2014-07-17T12:53:39Z merged: 2014-07-20T12:38:00Z

  14. 4629 from @vandreev11: Hgcal v5 reco geometry granularity geometry created: 2014-07-11T19:57:35Z merged: 2014-07-18T12:58:28Z

  15. 4644 from @calabria: restoring GE11 rotation bug for back compatibility dqm geometry created: 2014-07-14T21:37:47Z merged: 2014-07-17T16:42:45Z

  16. 4670 from @mark-grimes: Check mergedtruth is in the sequence before modifying it simulation created: 2014-07-16T12:07:15Z merged: 2014-07-16T15:37:44Z

  17. 4645 from @geonmo: Update Plots, fix bugs and migration preparation. created: 2014-07-14T22:29:30Z merged: 2014-07-16T11:57:45Z

  18. 4632 from @lgray: Particle Flow for HGC – for SLHC16 fastsim geometry l1 reconstruction simulation visualization created: 2014-07-12T12:47:08Z merged: 2014-07-15T13:42:58Z

  19. 4616 from @jdefaver: Unpacker for phase-2 outer tracker alca db created: 2014-07-11T12:18:03Z merged: 2014-07-15T10:17:48Z

  20. 4612 from @jshlee: fireworks - adding ME0 digi, rec and segments visualization created: 2014-07-11T06:28:23Z merged: 2014-07-15T09:02:47Z

  21. 4597 from @mark-grimes: Correct the geometry for HGCal v4 in runTheMatrix (148xx workflows) operations created: 2014-07-10T13:04:08Z merged: 2014-07-15T07:57:46Z

  22. 4551 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc digithr g4cutrange simulation created: 2014-07-08T06:23:19Z merged: 2014-07-14T23:22:46Z

  23. 4584 from @vandreev11: Hgc rechitproducers noprint phase1 created: 2014-07-09T13:55:37Z merged: 2014-07-14T21:57:46Z

  24. 4572 from @bsunanda: Phase2-hgx21 geometry created: 2014-07-09T03:41:06Z merged: 2014-07-11T07:37:46Z

  25. 4556 from @mark-grimes: Check if globalrechitsanalyze is in the sequence before modifying it simulation created: 2014-07-08T10:37:01Z merged: 2014-07-10T14:17:44Z

  26. 4487 from @cms-btv-pog: Fix for jet flavor lepton selection and possible out of range exception: Backport from 7_2_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis created: 2014-07-01T23:43:05Z merged: 2014-07-10T12:22:44Z

  27. 4553 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx20 geometry created: 2014-07-08T08:50:26Z merged: 2014-07-09T22:42:46Z

  28. 4552 from @sviret: Track finding am sv 090714 l1 created: 2014-07-08T07:47:52Z merged: 2014-07-09T15:27:42Z

  29. 4535 from @bsunanda: Phase2-hcx8 dqm created: 2014-07-05T05:55:14Z merged: 2014-07-08T14:17:43Z

  30. 4472 from @sviret: Small adjustments for the AM tutorial l1 created: 2014-07-01T12:00:28Z merged: 2014-07-04T12:07:52Z

  31. 4443 from @stensokm: binary pixel readout for barrel gt 4 or endcap gt 10 simulation created: 2014-06-30T01:43:58Z merged: 2014-07-04T11:16:11Z

  32. 4442 from @bsunanda: Phase2-hcx7 geometry created: 2014-06-29T09:10:56Z merged: 2014-07-04T08:59:55Z

  33. 4440 from @bsunanda: Complete technical part of SimHit Validation for Shashlik created: 2014-06-29T05:58:36Z merged: 2014-07-04T07:41:51Z

  34. 4439 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hcx6 geometry simulation created: 2014-06-29T05:17:53Z merged: 2014-07-03T23:36:39Z

CMSDIST Changes between Tags CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC15-slc5_amd64_gcc472 and Rel/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC16/slc5_amd64_gcc472:

compare to previous

  1. 874 from @degano: Update dcap from 7_2_X backport. created: 2013-09-19T09:38:29Z merged: 2013-09-19T10:19:17Z

  2. 869 from @pmillet: Ib/cmssw 6 2 x/stable created: 2013-09-18T14:11:54Z merged: 2013-10-04T18:46:20Z

  3. 859 from @smuzaffar: do not drop boost_python in coral as it is then drop from all its dependent projects created: 2013-09-17T09:49:48Z merged: 2013-09-17T11:48:28Z

  4. 854 from @degano: Backport from 72X scramv1. created: 2013-09-16T19:10:11Z merged: None

  5. 853 from @degano: Disable cuda, opencl and opencl-cpp. created: 2013-09-16T18:37:14Z merged: 2013-09-18T13:59:05Z

  6. 845 from @degano: Disable cuda, opencl and opencl-cpp. created: 2013-09-16T13:44:06Z merged: 2013-09-19T13:18:16Z

  7. 744 from @smuzaffar: Added cuda, opencl and opencl-cpp dependencies created: 2013-09-09T14:00:38Z merged: 2013-09-10T07:41:47Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC15:

  8. 4576 from @venturia: Pixel detid rollback geometry l1 simulation created: 2014-07-09T07:20:47Z merged: 2014-07-09T10:15:29Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC14:

  9. 4503 from @mark-grimes: Add workflow for HGCal v4 operations created: 2014-07-03T11:43:12Z merged: 2014-07-03T11:46:18Z

  10. 4470 from @shervin86: Removing EE FEDs for RAW2DIGI process in Shashlik geometry simulation created: 2014-07-01T09:17:57Z merged: 2014-07-03T11:12:46Z

  11. 4483 from @mark-grimes: Rebase #4384 and add customisation function reconstruction simulation created: 2014-07-01T23:09:51Z merged: 2014-07-03T07:07:50Z

  12. 4474 from @kpedro88: New ZS thresholds for SiPMs simulation created: 2014-07-01T13:56:49Z merged: 2014-07-01T17:42:43Z

  13. 4418 from @lgray: Simple HGC Clustering and HGC GsfElectrons reconstruction simulation visualization created: 2014-06-27T11:47:10Z merged: 2014-07-01T15:07:50Z

  14. 4411 from @vandreev11: Hgcal v4 geometry scenario geometry created: 2014-06-26T17:24:20Z merged: 2014-06-27T21:52:42Z

  15. 4420 from @clacaputo: Fix Digis Occupancy plots created: 2014-06-27T12:19:15Z merged: 2014-06-27T20:17:53Z

  16. 4424 from @ianna: Cleanup Dependency geometry created: 2014-06-27T14:44:56Z merged: 2014-06-27T19:57:42Z

  17. 4367 from @vandreev11: Hgcal rechits adctogev simulation created: 2014-06-24T09:40:20Z merged: 2014-06-27T02:27:58Z

  18. 4372 from @makortel: Fix PixelTrackCleanerWrapper for quadruplet SeedingHitSet reconstruction created: 2014-06-24T14:24:59Z merged: 2014-06-27T02:27:51Z

  19. 4404 from @ianna: Hcal Sim Constants v2 geometry simulation created: 2014-06-26T13:16:26Z merged: 2014-06-27T02:27:44Z

  20. 4364 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx19 geometry created: 2014-06-24T04:27:05Z merged: 2014-06-25T09:42:43Z

  21. 4348 from @bsunanda: HGCal validation code created: 2014-06-23T10:04:05Z merged: 2014-06-25T00:07:43Z

  22. 4346 from @cms-tau-pog: Backports of 71x tau developments to SLHC analysis reconstruction created: 2014-06-23T09:45:06Z merged: 2014-06-24T16:47:43Z

  23. 4342 from @lgray: HGCal PF Incrementals + Event display reconstruction simulation visualization created: 2014-06-23T08:34:54Z merged: 2014-06-24T12:12:44Z

  24. 4331 from @sviret: TrackFindingAM update l1 created: 2014-06-20T14:00:12Z merged: 2014-06-24T10:38:04Z

  25. 4358 from @mark-grimes: Reapply #4231 on to #4313 geometry created: 2014-06-23T16:13:26Z merged: 2014-06-24T10:33:04Z

  26. 4311 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc detidfix simulation created: 2014-06-19T08:03:47Z merged: 2014-06-23T07:52:45Z

  27. 4287 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hcx4 simulation created: 2014-06-17T09:55:57Z merged: 2014-06-20T16:59:26Z

  28. 4284 from @bsunanda: Phase2 gem03 geometry created: 2014-06-17T07:34:42Z merged: 2014-06-19T03:02:54Z

  29. 4290 from @civanch: Fix infloop in neutbgr simulation created: 2014-06-17T12:05:27Z merged: 2014-06-19T03:02:47Z

  30. 4242 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hcx3 geometry simulation created: 2014-06-13T17:22:25Z merged: 2014-06-18T13:37:45Z

  31. 4237 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc digigeom simulation created: 2014-06-13T14:27:53Z merged: 2014-06-17T16:12:44Z

  32. 4289 from @mark-grimes: Change reco geom for 126xx tests operations created: 2014-06-17T10:52:46Z merged: 2014-06-17T11:07:44Z

  33. 4241 from @vandreev11: Hgc geometry v5 1 geometry created: 2014-06-13T16:57:04Z merged: 2014-06-16T16:07:49Z

  34. 4231 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx14 geometry created: 2014-06-13T10:45:51Z merged: 2014-06-16T10:32:53Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC13_patch1:

  35. 4201 from @dildick: 62X SLHC GEMGeometryBuilder cleanup geometry created: 2014-06-10T20:57:59Z merged: 2014-06-12T17:46:38Z

  36. 4219 from @bsunanda: Phase2 ft06 geometry simulation created: 2014-06-12T10:56:52Z merged: 2014-06-12T14:17:20Z

  37. 4218 from @mark-grimes: Fix classes_def.xml in pull request #4215 reconstruction simulation created: 2014-06-12T09:10:52Z merged: 2014-06-12T12:07:49Z

  38. 4203 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx13 geometry simulation created: 2014-06-11T07:29:39Z merged: 2014-06-12T12:06:15Z

  39. 4211 from @civanch: Fixed neutron background simulation simulation created: 2014-06-11T15:30:22Z merged: 2014-06-12T00:23:40Z

  40. 4178 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx12 geometry created: 2014-06-10T09:46:00Z merged: 2014-06-11T15:51:43Z

  41. 4199 from @mark-grimes: Pull request #4195 also applied to ME0GeometryBuilderFromCondDB geometry created: 2014-06-10T20:36:45Z merged: 2014-06-11T15:51:36Z

  42. 4176 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hcx2 geometry created: 2014-06-10T06:48:03Z merged: 2014-06-10T16:26:12Z

  43. 4121 from @lgray: RECO Step working for HGCal + Basic CMS PFlow Hooks reconstruction simulation created: 2014-06-05T13:29:40Z merged: 2014-06-10T16:16:46Z

  44. 4126 from @lgray: Shashlik PFClusters with timing reconstruction created: 2014-06-05T17:45:17Z merged: 2014-06-10T16:16:38Z

  45. 4145 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx11 geometry created: 2014-06-06T13:00:16Z merged: 2014-06-10T16:16:25Z

  46. 4159 from @bsunanda: Phase2 ft05 geometry simulation created: 2014-06-07T14:32:11Z merged: 2014-06-10T16:16:18Z

  47. 4161 from @fratnikov: Relval 2 operations created: 2014-06-09T04:49:53Z merged: 2014-06-10T11:41:44Z

  48. 4180 from @mark-grimes: Remove vector reserve in SeedGeneratorFromRegionHits reconstruction created: 2014-06-10T10:27:24Z merged: 2014-06-10T11:41:38Z

  49. 4181 from @mark-grimes: Change tracker eta boundary for PF linking simulation created: 2014-06-10T10:32:13Z merged: 2014-06-10T11:41:31Z

  50. 4103 from @bsunanda: Phase2 gem01 geometry created: 2014-06-03T13:37:45Z merged: 2014-06-10T10:36:10Z

  51. 4108 from @venturia: Tracker reco geometry and navigation split between inner pixel and phase 2 outer tracker geometry reconstruction created: 2014-06-04T14:21:22Z merged: 2014-06-09T21:33:38Z

  52. 3997 from @cms-btv-pog: Fix for jet flavour clustering: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis created: 2014-05-23T17:47:25Z merged: 2014-06-09T05:31:32Z

  53. 4026 from @jshlee: Csctf me11aunganged geometry l1 simulation created: 2014-05-28T08:26:49Z merged: 2014-06-09T04:56:15Z

  54. 4119 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx9 geometry created: 2014-06-05T09:15:28Z merged: 2014-06-07T00:11:35Z

  55. 4132 from @dildick: Fix gem geometry printout geometry created: 2014-06-06T03:37:12Z merged: 2014-06-06T21:38:44Z

  56. 4141 from @cms-btv-pog: removal of unused variable reconstruction created: 2014-06-06T10:09:31Z merged: 2014-06-06T21:38:37Z

  57. 4079 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx8 geometry reconstruction created: 2014-06-02T13:10:45Z merged: 2014-06-03T13:07:46Z

  58. 4047 from @bsunanda: Phase2 shk23 simulation created: 2014-05-29T14:14:44Z merged: 2014-06-03T13:03:08Z

  59. 4050 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hcx1 geometry created: 2014-05-29T15:54:34Z merged: 2014-06-03T13:03:02Z

  60. 4073 from @bsunanda: Phase2 shk24 dqm geometry created: 2014-06-02T08:40:51Z merged: 2014-06-03T13:02:42Z

  61. 4022 from @dnash86: Fixed missing line in duplication removal reconstruction created: 2014-05-27T18:53:43Z merged: 2014-06-03T11:17:50Z

  62. 4054 from @civanch: Neutron backgound: backport from 7_1_X simulation created: 2014-05-30T11:30:55Z merged: 2014-06-03T11:17:44Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC13:

  63. 4055 from @mark-grimes: Fix Shashlik assert reconstruction created: 2014-05-30T12:35:29Z merged: 2014-05-30T12:47:49Z

  64. 3992 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgx4 simulation created: 2014-05-23T16:26:45Z merged: 2014-05-29T09:07:52Z

  65. 3980 from @geonmo: Code cleaning and fix label of plots. created: 2014-05-23T09:33:12Z merged: 2014-05-28T15:12:43Z

  66. 3958 from @jshlee: typo in CSCSectorReceiverLUT l1 created: 2014-05-22T06:45:37Z merged: 2014-05-28T15:07:44Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC12_patch1:

  67. 3975 from @mark-grimes: Revert checksum in case IB fails analysis created: 2014-05-22T23:48:33Z merged: 2014-05-24T17:32:43Z

  68. 4002 from @alja: Fireworks – Fixes for GEM geometry visualization created: 2014-05-23T22:38:06Z merged: 2014-05-24T06:20:01Z

  69. 3990 from @shervin86: Shashlik fix HGcal geometry simulation created: 2014-05-23T14:57:40Z merged: 2014-05-23T18:22:43Z

  70. 3986 from @mark-grimes: Add back RPC customs to HGCal scenario simulation created: 2014-05-23T12:50:29Z merged: 2014-05-23T13:37:49Z

  71. 3985 from @ianna: Hcal Phase 2 Numbering geometry created: 2014-05-23T12:15:32Z merged: 2014-05-23T13:32:51Z

  72. 3983 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgcx3 geometry created: 2014-05-23T10:32:27Z merged: 2014-05-23T12:57:44Z

  73. 3982 from @shervin86: Shashlik SIM parameters fixed simulation created: 2014-05-23T09:46:31Z merged: 2014-05-23T12:42:44Z

  74. 3976 from @bsunanda: Phase2 shk22 geometry created: 2014-05-23T07:07:36Z merged: 2014-05-23T12:37:49Z

  75. 3981 from @ianna: Hgcal Scenarios with Extended Pixel geometry created: 2014-05-23T09:33:51Z merged: 2014-05-23T12:32:50Z

  76. 3967 from @shervin86: Shashlik DIGI-RECO alca analysis db dqm geometry reconstruction simulation created: 2014-05-22T14:58:00Z merged: 2014-05-22T23:42:50Z

  77. 3964 from @mark-grimes: Remove ME0 from HGCal custom (but not HGCalMuon) operations simulation created: 2014-05-22T14:22:38Z merged: 2014-05-22T23:37:55Z

  78. 3960 from @ianna: Extended Pixel in Shashlik scenario geometry created: 2014-05-22T09:58:25Z merged: 2014-05-22T13:27:43Z

  79. 3957 from @fratnikov: Shashlyk bug fix 3 simulation created: 2014-05-21T22:18:40Z merged: 2014-05-22T13:22:48Z

  80. 3950 from @andersonjacob: Correct shashlik wf simulation created: 2014-05-21T15:29:50Z merged: 2014-05-21T16:42:59Z

  81. 3945 from @ianna: Extended Pixel in Shashlik scenario geometry created: 2014-05-21T10:14:38Z merged: 2014-05-21T16:42:52Z

  82. 3943 from @fratnikov: Shashlyk geom bug fix 1 geometry created: 2014-05-20T21:37:40Z merged: 2014-05-21T16:42:46Z

  83. 3940 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgcx1 geometry created: 2014-05-20T13:56:26Z merged: 2014-05-20T15:57:50Z

  84. 3932 from @vadler: 62XSLHC - fix metUncertaintyTools for scheduled processing analysis created: 2014-05-19T16:41:40Z merged: 2014-05-19T18:52:47Z

  85. 3901 from @PFCal-dev: Hgcal slhc14 sim detidfix simulation created: 2014-05-16T14:00:05Z merged: 2014-05-19T17:17:46Z

  86. 3921 from @venturia: Fpix navigation allfixed newdetid geometry reconstruction created: 2014-05-19T14:18:09Z merged: 2014-05-19T16:37:57Z

  87. 3912 from @bsunanda: Phase2 shk21 geometry created: 2014-05-17T16:10:36Z merged: 2014-05-19T15:33:03Z

  88. 3907 from @andersonjacob: fixed a merging error from some clean up that happened since the original changes from Sunanda geometry created: 2014-05-16T16:45:37Z merged: 2014-05-19T14:28:25Z

  89. 3885 from @dildick: Gem geometry customs update geometry created: 2014-05-15T13:32:29Z merged: 2014-05-19T14:28:17Z

  90. 3904 from @pietverwilligen: Rpc rotations geometry created: 2014-05-16T15:20:20Z merged: 2014-05-16T17:52:42Z

  91. 3879 from @jpavel: Backport of cut based disriminator to SLHC branch analysis reconstruction created: 2014-05-15T07:24:52Z merged: 2014-05-16T15:27:59Z

  92. 3679 from @dnash86: Me0segment errors bugfix reconstruction created: 2014-05-05T20:20:44Z merged: 2014-05-16T15:27:52Z

  93. 3890 from @bsunanda: Phase2 shk20 geometry created: 2014-05-15T15:49:18Z merged: 2014-05-15T21:12:43Z

  94. 3870 from @bsunanda: Phase2 ft03 geometry simulation created: 2014-05-14T16:10:05Z merged: 2014-05-15T19:32:42Z

  95. 3789 from @jshlee: csc TF - fixing the drop in eff at phi ~0 l1 created: 2014-05-09T17:29:16Z merged: 2014-05-15T18:07:43Z

  96. 3887 from @ianna: 2023 Scenarios Cleanup geometry created: 2014-05-15T14:18:58Z merged: 2014-05-15T16:17:59Z

  97. 3865 from @PFCal-dev: Hgcal slhc14 sim geometry simulation created: 2014-05-14T14:27:51Z merged: 2014-05-15T16:12:56Z

  98. 3819 from @vandreev11: Hgc reco producer 2 reconstruction created: 2014-05-12T10:59:08Z merged: 2014-05-15T16:12:49Z

  99. 3848 from @kpedro88: CaloTower fixes for Phase 2 geometry created: 2014-05-13T22:16:50Z merged: 2014-05-14T19:32:56Z

  100. 3808 from @atricomi: Phase1 geo fix geometry created: 2014-05-11T18:28:21Z merged: 2014-05-14T19:02:43Z

  101. 3715 from @rovere: Fix duplicate hits outer tracker reconstruction created: 2014-05-07T12:52:48Z merged: 2014-05-14T17:17:51Z

  102. 3800 from @venturia: New Analyzers and macros added to debug and validate Phase 2 Tracker and Tracking analysis created: 2014-05-10T16:43:37Z merged: 2014-05-14T17:12:48Z

  103. 3718 from @calabria: Fixes for slhc12 simulation created: 2014-05-07T14:49:08Z merged: 2014-05-14T13:03:09Z

  104. 3787 from @cms-btv-pog: Replacing runtime cms::Exception calls with edm::LogError calls in the jet flavour code: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis created: 2014-05-09T16:28:18Z merged: 2014-05-14T13:02:58Z

  105. 3714 from @pozzobon: memory optimization and minor bug fix l1 simulation created: 2014-05-07T08:08:35Z merged: 2014-05-14T13:02:51Z

  106. 3797 from @cms-btv-pog: New mva taggers backport from 71X to 62XSLHC analysis reconstruction created: 2014-05-09T21:18:38Z merged: 2014-05-14T13:02:44Z

  107. 3677 from @lgray: Fix memory leak in PFRecHitCaloNavigator* SLHC Edition reconstruction created: 2014-05-05T18:54:57Z merged: 2014-05-14T12:57:58Z

  108. 3713 from @cms-btv-pog: Backport from 70x/71x releases (JEC onfly, PU classification…) dqm fastsim reconstruction simulation created: 2014-05-07T07:15:14Z merged: 2014-05-14T12:57:52Z

  109. 3839 from @mark-grimes: HGCal config changes required for #3790 operations simulation created: 2014-05-13T15:09:37Z merged: 2014-05-14T04:52:43Z

  110. 3630 from @bsunanda: New GE11 files with 8+8 partitions geometry created: 2014-05-01T08:24:09Z merged: 2014-05-13T21:52:44Z

  111. 3695 from @mark-grimes: Use move semantics to push TrajectorySeeds into a vector reconstruction created: 2014-05-06T14:34:58Z merged: 2014-05-08T20:37:43Z

  112. 3612 from @cms-btv-pog: IVF cleanup + trackJetPt as TaggingVariable: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis reconstruction created: 2014-04-30T15:45:04Z merged: 2014-05-08T20:12:42Z

  113. 3602 from @cms-btv-pog: Updated storage of flavor information in pat::Jet: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis simulation created: 2014-04-30T14:08:07Z merged: 2014-05-08T18:12:59Z

  114. 3660 from @fratnikov: Shashlik geometry v6 geometry created: 2014-05-04T00:46:49Z merged: 2014-05-06T22:07:42Z

  115. 3647 from @fratnikov: Shashlik detId extension geometry created: 2014-05-02T18:51:13Z merged: 2014-05-05T14:22:50Z

  116. 3618 from @andersonjacob: removing JetID from the upgrade paths simulation created: 2014-04-30T18:37:13Z merged: 2014-04-30T21:02:44Z

  117. 3584 from @dildick: Split the GEM customs for the 2019 and 2023 scenario l1 simulation created: 2014-04-29T22:17:29Z merged: 2014-04-30T19:33:01Z

  118. 3583 from @mark-grimes: Fix TrackingParticle selection for pileup simulation created: 2014-04-29T21:29:19Z merged: 2014-04-29T21:42:49Z

  119. 3557 from @cms-btv-pog: Integration of new jet flavour into PAT: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis simulation created: 2014-04-28T20:57:23Z merged: 2014-04-29T01:47:45Z

  120. 3553 from @cms-btv-pog: Updates for PAT python configuration files: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC analysis created: 2014-04-28T17:50:37Z merged: 2014-04-28T21:27:51Z

  121. 3539 from @dildick: Update customization for GEM+ME0 digitizer simulation created: 2014-04-28T04:44:18Z merged: 2014-04-28T20:52:43Z

  122. 3532 from @lgray: PFBlockAlgo Fixes from #3385 and #3531 dqm reconstruction created: 2014-04-27T04:59:27Z merged: 2014-04-28T20:02:45Z

  123. 3497 from @vandreev11: HGC Reco Producer created: 2014-04-25T10:02:59Z merged: 2014-04-28T17:27:55Z

  124. 3465 from @bsunanda: Phase2-FT01 geometry simulation created: 2014-04-23T16:28:59Z merged: 2014-04-28T16:52:54Z

  125. 3460 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc slhc12 simulation created: 2014-04-23T14:16:30Z merged: 2014-04-28T15:52:43Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC12:

  126. 3923 from @degano: Memory optimization and minor bug fix created: 2014-05-19T14:39:25Z merged: 2014-05-19T14:39:37Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC11:

  127. 3507 from @cerati: Fix hit pattern tk layers slhc created: 2014-04-25T16:02:48Z merged: 2014-04-25T22:12:42Z

  128. 3502 from @mark-grimes: Fix ParticleFlow linking customisation created: 2014-04-25T12:06:07Z merged: 2014-04-25T13:18:31Z

  129. 3498 from @mark-grimes: Customise forward ParticleFlow linking created: 2014-04-25T11:00:11Z merged: 2014-04-25T11:12:49Z

  130. 3499 from @mark-grimes: Pull request #3425 with @dildick’s modification created: 2014-04-25T11:04:34Z merged: 2014-04-25T11:12:42Z

  131. 3432 from @gem-sw: GEM-CSC-RPC integrated local trigger update created: 2014-04-22T15:00:45Z merged: 2014-04-25T11:08:04Z

  132. 3476 from @atricomi: New behavior of DataLoss Ineff vs PU created: 2014-04-24T11:07:08Z merged: 2014-04-25T11:07:54Z

  133. 3477 from @calabria: FixForTheGlbRecoSLHC created: 2014-04-24T11:35:52Z merged: 2014-04-25T11:07:42Z

  134. 3420 from @mark-grimes: Add customisation without EE created: 2014-04-22T10:02:25Z merged: 2014-04-25T11:02:44Z

  135. 3482 from @bachtis: Implementation of forward linking with extended tracker in PF created: 2014-04-24T13:36:22Z merged: 2014-04-24T20:07:43Z

  136. 3424 from @PFCal-dev: HGCRecHit follows HGCHE split into two subdetectors created: 2014-04-22T13:08:24Z merged: 2014-04-24T17:27:43Z

  137. 3418 from @rovere: Recover lost hits-on-track at eta >1 created: 2014-04-22T09:14:35Z merged: 2014-04-23T14:02:46Z
  138. 3449 from @degano: Sim fixes - Remove fake warning. created: 2014-04-23T09:51:42Z merged: 2014-04-23T12:11:41Z

  139. 3407 from @bsunanda: Add components for fast timing created: 2014-04-20T11:31:59Z merged: 2014-04-22T12:51:08Z

  140. 3409 from @alschmid: Btv hit pattern fix for SLHC created: 2014-04-21T06:53:00Z merged: 2014-04-22T12:50:11Z

  141. 3406 from @calabria: ME0 Validation + Fixes created: 2014-04-20T09:47:47Z merged: 2014-04-22T08:03:02Z

  142. 3405 from @geonmo: Update of GEM validation code created: 2014-04-19T08:39:29Z merged: 2014-04-21T17:52:42Z

  143. 3398 from @jbsauvan: l1 eg clustering: H/E based on seed instead of 3x3 cluster created: 2014-04-18T14:05:44Z merged: 2014-04-21T16:32:41Z

  144. 3396 from @lgray: Rewrite/Refactor of PFBlockAlgo – SLHC Edition created: 2014-04-18T10:07:16Z merged: 2014-04-21T15:27:47Z

  145. 3390 from @vadler: 62XSLHC - update edmPickEvents created: 2014-04-17T21:47:53Z merged: 2014-04-21T12:47:52Z

  146. 3387 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgc01 created: 2014-04-17T18:00:57Z merged: 2014-04-19T03:22:42Z

  147. 3383 from @Vlandr57: Rad dam01 created: 2014-04-17T13:05:08Z merged: 2014-04-19T02:52:40Z

  148. 3366 from @PFCal-dev: HGCal RecHit format and collections created: 2014-04-16T12:17:55Z merged: 2014-04-18T20:42:43Z

  149. 3362 from @unclok: csctfeffciency fixed dphi for phi efficiency plot created: 2014-04-16T09:21:47Z merged: 2014-04-18T16:02:41Z

  150. 3359 from @alja: Fix bug in locating reco geometry file, 62x SLHC created: 2014-04-15T22:20:35Z merged: 2014-04-18T15:27:41Z

  151. 3339 from @cms-btv-pog: New jet flavour definition: Backport from 7_1_X to 6_2_X_SLHC created: 2014-04-15T04:53:05Z merged: 2014-04-17T15:52:41Z

  152. 3350 from @dnash86: Fixed division by zero possibility created: 2014-04-15T15:56:47Z merged: 2014-04-17T11:02:42Z

  153. 3347 from @bachtis: PF Clustering with timing cuts for ECAL created: 2014-04-15T14:26:14Z merged: 2014-04-17T10:27:43Z

  154. 3319 from @chrisneu: Shashlik improved fiber radius v2 created: 2014-04-13T15:02:05Z merged: 2014-04-17T07:52:40Z

  155. 3310 from @cms-btv-pog: Adding BoostedJetMerger to PhysicsTools/PatUtils created: 2014-04-11T18:40:44Z merged: 2014-04-17T07:02:40Z

  156. 3305 from @vandreev11: Hgc geometry v4 created: 2014-04-11T14:43:28Z merged: 2014-04-16T20:47:41Z

  157. 3301 from @sviret: Bug fix in the Hough fit created: 2014-04-11T13:29:13Z merged: 2014-04-16T15:52:49Z

  158. 3297 from @dildick: Gem digi cleanup created: 2014-04-11T11:10:24Z merged: 2014-04-16T15:12:52Z

  159. 3285 from @bsunanda: Phase2 shashik04 created: 2014-04-10T15:48:07Z merged: 2014-04-16T14:20:31Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC10:

  160. 3332 from @kpedro88: ieta -> abs(ieta) for previous commit (bug fix) created: 2014-04-14T21:11:07Z merged: 2014-04-14T21:42:38Z

  161. 3274 from @cms-btv-pog: Added Pythia8 status code for intermediate resonances to the GenJets particle selector created: 2014-04-10T05:31:11Z merged: 2014-04-14T21:17:38Z

  162. 3296 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he29 created: 2014-04-11T10:56:36Z merged: 2014-04-14T16:37:39Z

  163. 3287 from @kpedro88: remove uses of hardcoded HCAL geometry created: 2014-04-10T17:32:59Z merged: 2014-04-14T16:33:00Z

  164. 3300 from @boudoul: extended eta rangle for single Pions (relvals) created: 2014-04-11T13:28:16Z merged: 2014-04-14T07:21:48Z

  165. 3278 from @bsunanda: Remove hardcoding in geometry definition created: 2014-04-10T09:00:50Z merged: 2014-04-10T13:32:36Z

  166. 3269 from @kpedro88: fix a few off-by-one errors in CaloTowers created: 2014-04-09T22:15:05Z merged: 2014-04-10T10:28:27Z

  167. 3255 from @ianna: ME0 Flexible Description created: 2014-04-08T16:37:53Z merged: 2014-04-09T15:18:10Z

  168. 3251 from @venturia: New macros in Validation/RecoVertex (backport from 71x) created: 2014-04-08T12:42:48Z merged: 2014-04-09T15:09:55Z

  169. 3238 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he27 created: 2014-04-07T15:41:01Z merged: 2014-04-08T14:32:25Z

  170. 3250 from @dildick: remove duplicate function created: 2014-04-08T10:36:41Z merged: 2014-04-08T14:24:12Z

  171. 3248 from @boudoul: call the right xml for the scenarios using extendedPixel created: 2014-04-08T08:02:07Z merged: 2014-04-08T11:28:17Z

  172. 3235 from @venturia: Code to monitor tracker cluster occupancy in upgrade geometries created: 2014-04-07T10:39:20Z merged: 2014-04-08T10:23:27Z

  173. 3232 from @sviret: Track finding am sv 070414 created: 2014-04-07T08:33:48Z merged: 2014-04-08T09:48:27Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC9:

  174. 3231 from @mark-grimes: Added Extended2023Muon4Eta to runTheMatrix created: 2014-04-07T08:01:41Z merged: 2014-04-07T08:43:22Z

  175. 3229 from @kpedro88: add CaloTowerTopology cfi to HGCal geom configs created: 2014-04-06T14:27:44Z merged: 2014-04-07T06:53:17Z

  176. 3204 from @ianna: 2023 Muon Scenarios created: 2014-04-04T08:33:10Z merged: 2014-04-07T06:28:17Z

  177. 3207 from @kpedro88: depth segmentation from HCAL topology for HE recalib created: 2014-04-04T09:45:50Z merged: 2014-04-05T07:13:17Z

  178. 3187 from @kpedro88: Update CaloTowers for hcal flexible segmentation in Phase 2 created: 2014-04-03T10:29:30Z merged: 2014-04-04T18:38:20Z

  179. 3214 from @mark-grimes: Fix Extended2023Pixel created: 2014-04-04T13:55:19Z merged: 2014-04-04T16:33:23Z

  180. 3202 from @bsunanda: Phase2 valid02 created: 2014-04-04T08:18:38Z merged: 2014-04-04T16:33:17Z

  181. 3185 from @dildick: New background model for GEM digitizer created: 2014-04-03T09:12:37Z merged: 2014-04-04T16:28:23Z

  182. 3171 from @aysent: fix digitization of csc wires in ME1/1 chambers created: 2014-04-02T17:38:32Z merged: 2014-04-04T13:13:17Z

  183. 3166 from @cms-btv-pog: Fixed the contents of RecoBTag/PerformanceDB/python/measure/ created: 2014-04-02T17:02:22Z merged: 2014-04-04T13:03:30Z

  184. 3176 from @alja: 6_2_X_SLHC cmsShow – Simplify detection of CMSSW env. created: 2014-04-02T18:42:08Z merged: 2014-04-04T13:03:23Z

  185. 3170 from @sviret: Patch to new TTTrack class created: 2014-04-02T17:28:35Z merged: 2014-04-04T13:03:17Z

  186. 3194 from @davidlange6: making xmin<xmax created: 2014-04-03T15:43:33Z merged: 2014-04-03T15:43:44Z

  187. 3191 from @mark-grimes: Add TrackingParticle selector (fix for #4132) created: 2014-04-03T14:32:23Z merged: 2014-04-03T14:48:17Z

  188. 3162 from @ianna: EE Back Dee Material substitute created: 2014-04-02T14:47:58Z merged: 2014-04-03T10:18:22Z

  189. 3159 from @mark-grimes: Fix SHCal tests created: 2014-04-02T13:15:03Z merged: 2014-04-02T15:03:17Z

  190. 3131 from @ianna: HGCal Muon 4 Eta scenario created: 2014-04-01T10:15:38Z merged: 2014-04-02T12:59:19Z

  191. 3153 from @dildick: Bugfixes to GEM simulation created: 2014-04-02T09:36:20Z merged: 2014-04-02T12:08:43Z

  192. 3151 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he26 created: 2014-04-02T07:49:26Z merged: 2014-04-02T12:03:45Z

  193. 3070 from @sviret: New batch scripts created: 2014-03-28T13:47:30Z merged: 2014-04-01T14:23:25Z

  194. 3132 from @jpavel: Remove isLocal and use location() created: 2014-04-01T10:28:39Z merged: 2014-04-01T11:28:17Z

  195. 3112 from @boudoul: adding new scenarios in runTheMatrix for SLHC10 created: 2014-03-31T14:06:21Z merged: 2014-04-01T05:53:24Z

  196. 3115 from @ianna: Fix typo created: 2014-03-31T14:29:05Z merged: 2014-04-01T05:53:17Z

  197. 3051 from @cerati: patches to fix duplicates track problem in upgrade geometry created: 2014-03-27T15:01:00Z merged: 2014-03-31T22:28:16Z

  198. 3078 from @cerati: Add numberOfValidPixelHits methods with maxLayer/maxDisk created: 2014-03-28T16:40:12Z merged: 2014-03-31T13:08:17Z

  199. 3088 from @EmanuelPerez: updated TTI customization: keep only the signal TrackingParticles; add c… created: 2014-03-28T20:40:09Z merged: 2014-03-29T20:43:17Z

  200. 3085 from @mkirsano: Add rapidity user hooks created: 2014-03-28T18:35:40Z merged: 2014-03-29T20:18:16Z

  201. 3079 from @ianna: Updated 2023 scenarios. created: 2014-03-28T16:47:15Z merged: 2014-03-29T19:48:17Z

  202. 3073 from @bsunanda: Correct for HF ieta 40 and Depth 1 for Phase2 HB created: 2014-03-28T15:19:57Z merged: 2014-03-29T12:23:16Z

  203. 3071 from @cerati: update navigation graph tool for SLHC created: 2014-03-28T14:34:57Z merged: 2014-03-29T11:23:17Z

  204. 3068 from @aryd: Increase samplig window to 12 sigma created: 2014-03-28T12:39:13Z merged: 2014-03-29T10:58:16Z

  205. 3059 from @jpavel: 2014 Tau ID for SLHC created: 2014-03-27T18:54:17Z merged: 2014-03-29T10:03:19Z

  206. 3086 from @andersonjacob: Add topology class for Shashlik created: 2014-03-28T20:11:13Z merged: 2014-03-29T08:38:17Z

  207. 3050 from @stensokm: phase 2 tracking tuning created: 2014-03-27T14:57:48Z merged: 2014-03-28T15:13:26Z

  208. 3030 from @vandreev11: Hgc geometry v4 created: 2014-03-26T11:21:17Z merged: 2014-03-28T14:48:23Z

  209. 3054 from @andersonjacob: new sampling fractions for the new version of the HE rebuild for phase 2 created: 2014-03-27T16:15:29Z merged: 2014-03-28T14:13:31Z

  210. 3027 from @dildick: fireworks with gems created: 2014-03-26T10:51:45Z merged: 2014-03-28T08:43:23Z

  211. 3053 from @mark-grimes: Fix HGCal build file created: 2014-03-27T15:39:30Z merged: 2014-03-27T16:23:17Z

  212. 2948 from @jshlee: Debug hlt - L2MuonProducer: adding EnableGEMMeasurement and GEMRecSegmentLabel parameters created: 2014-03-20T15:03:06Z merged: 2014-03-25T15:28:16Z

  213. 2967 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc slhc9 created: 2014-03-22T10:11:46Z merged: 2014-03-25T13:23:41Z

  214. 3008 from @mark-grimes: Rebase of pull request #2990 created: 2014-03-25T10:35:41Z merged: 2014-03-25T10:43:17Z

  215. 2951 from @dildick: Correct GE21 station rotation created: 2014-03-20T17:14:51Z merged: 2014-03-24T17:28:19Z

  216. 2954 from @boudoul: make the Tracking run for the Be5D+ extended Pixels in the extended eta range created: 2014-03-21T11:14:06Z merged: 2014-03-24T16:48:31Z

  217. 2892 from @ianna: Final Shashlik Geometry created: 2014-03-17T15:26:31Z merged: 2014-03-24T16:38:36Z

  218. 2920 from @dnash86: Fixed a bug in created: 2014-03-18T20:27:20Z merged: 2014-03-24T10:33:17Z

  219. 2913 from @mark-grimes: Rebase of pull request #2785 created: 2014-03-18T16:41:19Z merged: 2014-03-19T15:28:32Z

  220. 2933 from @mark-grimes: Fix crash in HcalDigisClient (again) created: 2014-03-19T14:43:16Z merged: 2014-03-19T14:54:09Z

  221. 2833 from @kasmi: Validation created: 2014-03-12T22:44:18Z merged: 2014-03-17T19:48:17Z

  222. 2886 from @Vlandr57: Fast shower01 created: 2014-03-17T11:13:04Z merged: 2014-03-17T19:23:17Z

  223. 2878 from @dildick: GE1/1 geometry customization bugfix created: 2014-03-15T08:59:07Z merged: 2014-03-17T16:54:20Z

  224. 2893 from @andersonjacob: TrackerFlexSim created: 2014-03-17T15:46:20Z merged: 2014-03-17T15:53:30Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC8:

  225. 2851 from @mark-grimes: Move RecoMuon/MuonIdentification plugins created: 2014-03-13T16:25:31Z merged: 2014-03-13T16:53:39Z

  226. 2839 from @ianna: Hcal Phase II rebuild created: 2014-03-13T10:10:42Z merged: 2014-03-13T12:48:16Z

  227. 2822 from @aryd: Changes to incorporate the non-perfect crossing angle compensation created: 2014-03-12T08:03:34Z merged: 2014-03-13T01:28:24Z

  228. 2809 from @ianna: First version of Shashlik support infrastructure. created: 2014-03-11T17:10:24Z merged: 2014-03-13T01:28:17Z

  229. 2824 from @dildick: Fix BuildFile in plugin directory RecoMuon/MuonIdentification created: 2014-03-12T11:00:05Z merged: 2014-03-13T00:48:16Z

  230. 2803 from @PFCal-dev: Expanding det id fields for higher granularity in sensitive detectors created: 2014-03-11T10:06:04Z merged: 2014-03-12T09:58:20Z

  231. 2782 from @dildick: Global reconstruction for ME0 in full simulation created: 2014-03-09T08:40:10Z merged: 2014-03-11T12:03:21Z

  232. 2796 from @bsunanda: Add the scenario with HE Rebuild created: 2014-03-10T16:29:01Z merged: 2014-03-11T11:23:29Z

  233. 2790 from @mark-grimes: Change TTI beam spot from ‘Gauss’ to ‘HLLHC’ created: 2014-03-10T14:19:56Z merged: 2014-03-10T16:53:17Z

  234. 2786 from @PFCal-dev: Hgc slhc8 created: 2014-03-10T11:22:10Z merged: 2014-03-10T13:52:02Z

  235. 2707 from @calabria: For GEM Official Validation created: 2014-03-03T18:55:56Z merged: 2014-03-08T17:53:36Z

  236. 2762 from @dnash86: First commit of ME0 Reconstruction created: 2014-03-07T09:42:05Z merged: 2014-03-08T10:18:20Z

  237. 2765 from @boudoul: Rework the TTI scenario created: 2014-03-07T13:09:44Z merged: 2014-03-07T17:28:19Z

  238. 2766 from @mark-grimes: Merge of PR 2744, 2758, 2759, 2760 and 2761 created: 2014-03-07T13:30:38Z merged: 2014-03-07T13:43:24Z

  239. 2747 from @ianna: No taper Shashlik geometry created: 2014-03-06T15:35:18Z merged: 2014-03-06T22:03:22Z

  240. 2727 from @ianna: Reduce max radius created: 2014-03-05T11:16:29Z merged: 2014-03-06T11:08:26Z

  241. 2742 from @ktf: Align 62 x again. created: 2014-03-06T10:39:35Z merged: 2014-03-06T10:44:39Z

  242. 2713 from @skinnari: Tti slhc9 030314 created: 2014-03-04T13:41:10Z merged: 2014-03-06T10:23:27Z

  243. 2715 from @EmanuelPerez: first version of TrackTriggerObjects for 620_SLHC9 created: 2014-03-04T15:02:47Z merged: 2014-03-06T10:23:18Z

  244. 2703 from @pmeridian: Ecal detailed time tp slhc9 created: 2014-03-03T17:05:38Z merged: 2014-03-05T15:13:45Z

  245. 2711 from @cerati: switch back to use associator for track validation created: 2014-03-04T01:54:46Z merged: 2014-03-04T13:33:20Z

  246. 2708 from @atricomi: Atricomi bladewarn created: 2014-03-03T21:39:41Z merged: 2014-03-04T13:28:20Z

  247. 2706 from @boudoul: New fragments with extended eta range /runThematrix updtaed accordingly created: 2014-03-03T18:20:59Z merged: 2014-03-04T13:23:25Z

  248. 2699 from @MarkBaber: Jet calibration error fix created: 2014-03-03T15:56:22Z merged: 2014-03-03T23:23:20Z

  249. 2698 from @boudoul: From NPozzobon : Fix to prevent crashes of the TT code at high PU created: 2014-03-03T15:25:25Z merged: 2014-03-03T20:13:21Z

  250. 2705 from @andersonjacob: fixed hcalnoise crash by removing the module from the path created: 2014-03-03T18:08:38Z merged: 2014-03-03T19:49:00Z

  251. 2688 from @bsunanda: First version of SD class for Shashlik created: 2014-03-02T08:53:56Z merged: 2014-03-03T19:33:21Z

  252. 2700 from @ianna: Overlap fixes in Totem created: 2014-03-03T15:58:29Z merged: 2014-03-03T16:48:43Z

  253. 2701 from @mark-grimes: Add CFCal tests to runTheMatrix created: 2014-03-03T16:05:20Z merged: 2014-03-03T16:48:33Z

  254. 2677 from @ianna: Fix overlaps. Reduce EE. created: 2014-02-28T16:33:20Z merged: 2014-03-03T16:48:26Z

  255. 2670 from @boudoul: Relval 620slhc8 created: 2014-02-28T08:43:04Z merged: 2014-02-28T17:49:08Z

  256. 2660 from @sviret: Track finding am sv 270214 created: 2014-02-27T12:29:35Z merged: 2014-02-28T17:03:48Z

  257. 2656 from @bsunanda: Small change in ordering of supermodules created: 2014-02-27T09:30:04Z merged: 2014-02-28T14:53:28Z

  258. 2657 from @ianna: Include ME0, include extended pixel created: 2014-02-27T11:15:27Z merged: 2014-02-28T14:53:20Z

  259. 2639 from @jshlee: bug fix of CSCTrackFinder analyser created: 2014-02-26T04:31:25Z merged: 2014-02-27T16:23:27Z

  260. 2634 from @sviret: Track finding am sv 250214 created: 2014-02-25T16:28:17Z merged: 2014-02-26T22:28:17Z

  261. 2647 from @andersonjacob: updated HcalCustoms to correct error for Phase II geometry created: 2014-02-26T21:07:19Z merged: 2014-02-26T21:23:17Z

  262. 2610 from @suchandradutta: adding updated Algorithm and configuration parameters created: 2014-02-24T04:56:53Z merged: 2014-02-25T13:23:19Z

  263. 2592 from @frmeier: Patch hierarchyconstraints to CMSSW_6_2_X_SHLC created: 2014-02-21T22:30:56Z merged: 2014-02-25T12:53:35Z

  264. 2609 from @hroskes: Update to cosmic track splitting validation created: 2014-02-24T00:57:02Z merged: 2014-02-25T12:53:26Z

  265. 2608 from @hroskes: Phases for elliptical, sagitta, and skew created: 2014-02-24T00:50:34Z merged: 2014-02-25T12:53:18Z

  266. 2627 from @bsunanda: Corrected files for HGCal created: 2014-02-25T08:55:14Z merged: 2014-02-25T12:13:18Z

  267. 2624 from @bsunanda: Protect FlexiLoader against no HE created: 2014-02-25T04:32:14Z merged: 2014-02-25T12:08:17Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC7:

  268. 2618 from @bsunanda: Fix HO DetID in relbalelling created: 2014-02-24T14:50:19Z merged: 2014-02-24T23:43:17Z

  269. 2577 from @sviret: Track finding am sv 210214 created: 2014-02-21T11:06:39Z merged: 2014-02-24T14:23:25Z

  270. 2616 from @boudoul: Extended2023 muonsgensim created: 2014-02-24T12:33:08Z merged: 2014-02-24T13:33:28Z

  271. 2615 from @mark-grimes: Fixed configuration typo for Extended2023TTI (tests 128xx) created: 2014-02-24T11:24:31Z merged: 2014-02-24T11:33:17Z

  272. 2612 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he22 created: 2014-02-24T07:46:19Z merged: 2014-02-24T11:13:38Z

  273. 2613 from @ianna: 2023 scenario configurations created: 2014-02-24T08:25:48Z merged: 2014-02-24T10:33:18Z

  274. 2611 from @ianna: 2023 TTI scenario created: 2014-02-24T07:31:35Z merged: 2014-02-24T10:28:24Z

  275. 2601 from @boudoul: Scenarios for slhc8 created: 2014-02-23T17:18:52Z merged: 2014-02-24T09:48:18Z

  276. 2602 from @dildick: Fast-DIGI and RECO for ME0 detector created: 2014-02-23T19:23:35Z merged: 2014-02-24T01:58:19Z

  277. 2603 from @ianna: Added a missed file created: 2014-02-23T22:42:00Z merged: 2014-02-24T00:23:16Z

  278. 2600 from @ianna: Corrections to include all Muons created: 2014-02-23T10:16:09Z merged: 2014-02-23T22:13:17Z

  279. 2555 from @aryd: Hourglass slhc8 created: 2014-02-20T10:51:34Z merged: 2014-02-23T21:03:18Z

  280. 2529 from @lgray: Backport of PF-Mustache SuperClusters / electrons seeds from 700 created: 2014-02-19T13:49:12Z merged: 2014-02-23T18:38:21Z

  281. 2576 from @ktf: Merge latest, greatest CMSSW_6_2_X into CMSSW_6_2_X_SLHC branch created: 2014-02-21T10:13:32Z merged: 2014-02-23T13:38:28Z

  282. 2594 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he21 created: 2014-02-22T13:04:30Z merged: 2014-02-22T13:31:12Z

  283. 2530 from @mark-grimes: Implement a more flexible set of runTheMatrix commands created: 2014-02-19T14:15:15Z merged: 2014-02-22T08:18:08Z

  284. 2588 from @ianna: Correct ME0 included created: 2014-02-21T17:33:53Z merged: 2014-02-21T18:18:18Z

  285. 2534 from @deguio: adding lumisToProcess parameter created: 2014-02-19T15:56:12Z merged: 2014-02-21T18:04:44Z

  286. 2585 from @boudoul: first attempt be5d + extended Pixel reco (be5d+ext tracking code) created: 2014-02-21T15:41:38Z merged: 2014-02-21T17:14:44Z

  287. 2553 from @boudoul: Removing the tracking only validation taken by default at high PU created: 2014-02-20T07:05:31Z merged: 2014-02-21T17:13:57Z

  288. 2584 from @ianna: All extended2023 with muons created: 2014-02-21T15:25:56Z merged: 2014-02-21T17:13:01Z

  289. 2573 from @bsunanda: Phase2 hgc02 created: 2014-02-21T09:07:16Z merged: 2014-02-21T15:28:42Z

  290. 2570 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he20 created: 2014-02-21T06:20:41Z merged: 2014-02-21T15:18:22Z

  291. 2562 from @pietverwilligen: Fix to RPCSimSetup created: 2014-02-20T16:14:42Z merged: 2014-02-21T09:27:14Z

  292. 2521 from @wmtan: Framework fix – Don’t try to update empty process history ID created: 2014-02-18T19:26:57Z merged: 2014-02-20T22:18:51Z

  293. 2543 from @jbsauvan: Add new L1 e/g clustering to 6_2_X_SLHC created: 2014-02-19T21:37:36Z merged: 2014-02-20T18:52:18Z

  294. 2511 from @EmanuelPerez: Updates to L1Tracking to use the new TT objects, updates also to workflows for TP production created: 2014-02-18T11:19:48Z merged: 2014-02-20T18:47:19Z

  295. 2469 from @deguio: Auto validation 62 x slhc created: 2014-02-14T14:03:17Z merged: 2014-02-20T15:52:10Z

  296. 2514 from @ianna: Merge Sunanda’s branch created: 2014-02-18T15:05:10Z merged: 2014-02-19T20:12:24Z

  297. 2507 from @bachtis: adding missing params to PFRootEvent created: 2014-02-17T21:08:05Z merged: 2014-02-19T11:32:29Z

  298. 2510 from @geonmo: Add gem-sim validation modules. created: 2014-02-18T08:18:13Z merged: 2014-02-19T11:32:21Z

  299. 2505 from @cms-btv-pog: Removed analysis packages now maintained under the cms-analysis GitHub organization created: 2014-02-17T18:57:22Z merged: 2014-02-19T11:32:11Z

  300. 2501 from @pietverwilligen: Rpc upgrade local reco created: 2014-02-17T17:59:50Z merged: 2014-02-19T01:37:09Z

  301. 2499 from @ianna: Shashlik endcap algo created: 2014-02-17T17:06:53Z merged: 2014-02-18T23:32:10Z

  302. 2464 from @inugent: Generators fixes – Adding new DECAY_NOLONGLIFE_NOTAU.DEC to run Tauola with EvtGen created: 2014-02-14T01:21:03Z merged: 2014-02-18T20:05:11Z

  303. 2447 from @deguio: DQM fixes – skipBadFiles flag implemented created: 2014-02-13T09:07:58Z merged: 2014-02-18T20:04:34Z

  304. 2442 from @franzoni: Ops fixes – Validation matrix update DbsUrl to point to DBS3 created: 2014-02-13T00:37:15Z merged: 2014-02-18T20:04:12Z

  305. 2445 from @syuvivida: Misc fixes – delete the line ‘export SCRAM_ARCH=slc5_amd64_gcc462’ created: 2014-02-13T08:07:24Z merged: 2014-02-18T20:03:20Z

  306. 2075 from @inugent: Generators – Pull request ExternalDecay plugins to add to 6_2_X created: 2014-01-18T17:34:18Z merged: 2014-02-18T20:02:44Z

  307. 2304 from @ianna: New geometry scenarios created: 2014-02-05T09:24:58Z merged: 2014-02-18T14:52:15Z

  308. 9 from @mark-grimes: Implementing dildick’s comments for pull request 2304 created: 2013-06-27T14:42:17Z merged: None

  309. 2417 from @kandrosov: Fixed ClusterShapeHitFilter calibration tools for the upgrade geometry. created: 2014-02-12T10:05:03Z merged: 2014-02-16T14:27:57Z

  310. 2438 from @franzoni: validation matrix update DbsUrl to point to DBS3 created: 2014-02-12T23:46:26Z merged: 2014-02-16T14:27:49Z

  311. 2409 from @deguio: optimized muon validation created: 2014-02-11T19:20:06Z merged: 2014-02-16T13:12:45Z

  312. 2328 from @ianna: Geometry Scenario 2023 created: 2014-02-06T13:27:25Z merged: 2014-02-16T11:17:45Z

  313. 2483 from @mark-grimes: Fix crash in HcalDigisClient for SLHC configurations created: 2014-02-15T16:33:44Z merged: 2014-02-15T17:32:56Z

  314. 2405 from @deguio: skipBadFiles flag implemented created: 2014-02-11T18:42:07Z merged: 2014-02-15T17:32:47Z

  315. 2399 from @vandreev11: Hgcal xml files created: 2014-02-11T13:41:25Z merged: 2014-02-14T20:42:47Z

  316. 2359 from @cerati: Change default cfg track assoc 62 xslhc created: 2014-02-07T14:54:29Z merged: 2014-02-14T19:42:45Z

  317. 2336 from @avartak: Update tp selection for 620 slhcx created: 2014-02-06T15:56:39Z merged: 2014-02-14T18:42:55Z

  318. 2352 from @davidlange6: BE5DPixel10 geometry fixes for SLHC8 created: 2014-02-07T11:08:54Z merged: 2014-02-14T16:53:14Z

  319. 2301 from @abdoulline: SLHC Digi validation fix created: 2014-02-05T08:15:10Z merged: 2014-02-14T12:22:55Z

  320. 2468 from @mark-grimes: Changes to get tests 3400 and 15001 to use the correct customisation for harvesting created: 2014-02-14T11:26:36Z merged: 2014-02-14T11:52:44Z

  321. 2109 from @vlimant: DBS to DAS migration created: 2014-01-21T13:20:02Z merged: 2014-02-11T10:26:30Z

  322. 2191 from @fwyzard: DQMRootOutputModule: implement support for multi-process cmsRun created: 2014-01-27T23:26:30Z merged: 2014-02-11T10:25:57Z

  323. 2313 from @vadler: AT fixes – 62X DBS3 API transition created: 2014-02-05T21:55:18Z merged: 2014-02-06T09:43:11Z

  324. 2051 from @alja: Visualization – Fixes in FWItemAcessorsFactory and set projection center. created: 2014-01-16T22:39:00Z merged: 2014-02-04T19:55:21Z

  325. 2289 from @degano: Misc cleanups – Backport of from CMSSW_7_1_0_pre1. created: 2014-02-04T14:59:56Z merged: 2014-02-04T15:07:11Z

  326. 2256 from @Martin-Grunewald: HLT fixes – Fix HLT tests for GTs (62X) created: 2014-01-31T13:45:56Z merged: 2014-02-02T09:07:27Z

  327. 2099 from @lgray: Generator – add originalXWGTUP() to LHEEvent and LHEEventProduct 62X edition created: 2014-01-21T09:12:51Z merged: 2014-01-30T15:48:56Z

  328. 2178 from @vciulli: Generator – modified scripts for lhe upload and powheg created: 2014-01-27T11:48:33Z merged: 2014-01-30T15:48:17Z

  329. 2225 from @civanch: Generator – custom fragments for SIM step are improved created: 2014-01-29T14:34:52Z merged: 2014-01-30T15:47:42Z

  330. 2199 from @vciulli: Generator – added fragment for Z2starLEP tune created: 2014-01-28T13:19:36Z merged: 2014-01-30T15:46:33Z

  331. 2222 from @Martin-Grunewald: HLT – Fix for gt update62 x created: 2014-01-29T10:26:07Z merged: 2014-01-30T15:45:29Z

  332. 2061 from @inugent: Generators fix – adding patch for top validation crash and tau pythia errors (1 less than… created: 2014-01-17T17:11:08Z merged: 2014-01-22T08:34:28Z

  333. 2107 from @davidlt: RelVals: fix input dataset for 1308.0 BeamHalo_13 created: 2014-01-21T12:51:57Z merged: 2014-01-21T21:20:16Z

  334. 1694 from @lgray: Generators fixes – Fix lhe reader weights 62X created: 2013-12-05T22:28:38Z merged: 2014-01-15T09:37:05Z

  335. 2001 from @inugent: Generator fixes – Adding validation for Higgs->tautau CP and tau lifetime/decaylength in TauValidation created: 2014-01-12T13:00:49Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:26:21Z

  336. 1968 from @inugent: Generators fixes – Patch for undertemined decay modes and adding Z+gamma mode in Generator Higgs Validation created: 2014-01-08T23:09:53Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:26:06Z

  337. 1878 from @ingabu: HLT – Adding mc pu reweighting v2 created: 2013-12-18T20:00:43Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:25:17Z

  338. 1857 from @fwyzard: DQM fixes – Add support for multiProcesses cmsRun to the DQMFileSaver created: 2013-12-17T21:15:19Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:24:10Z

  339. 1737 from @ghellwig: AlCa fixes – Sanity checks 62X created: 2013-12-09T13:25:21Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:23:26Z

  340. 1251 from @alja: Fireworks – Remove compilation warning in 6_2_X Fireworks/SimData created: 2013-10-31T04:47:34Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:22:33Z

  341. 1247 from @alja: Fireworks – Import changes in DTSegments vis. for 6_2_X created: 2013-10-30T22:04:34Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:22:13Z

  342. 1239 from @alja: Fireworks – GEMDigi visualization CMSSW_6_2_X in Fireworks/Muons created: 2013-10-30T17:48:26Z merged: 2014-01-14T20:21:36Z

  343. 1649 from @qliphy: Create created: 2013-12-02T17:50:35Z merged: 2013-12-18T14:13:22Z

  344. 1726 from @Martin-Grunewald: Update of frozen 8E33 for GT created: 2013-12-08T19:11:47Z merged: 2013-12-18T14:12:59Z

  345. 1727 from @mkirsano: pydata fix2 created: 2013-12-08T19:16:40Z merged: 2013-12-18T14:12:26Z

  346. 1671 from @fabiocos: 62X Fix Standard Sequences for digitization created: 2013-12-04T18:15:04Z merged: 2013-12-04T19:49:41Z

  347. 1616 from @wmtan: Prevent applying time offset multiple times created: 2013-11-28T00:04:58Z merged: 2013-12-04T16:32:27Z

  348. 1573 from @mkirsano: Pythia8int fix1 created: 2013-11-23T17:57:28Z merged: 2013-12-04T16:20:46Z

  349. 1664 from @perrotta: remove one extra path from the half rate menu: it was included by mistake created: 2013-12-04T11:14:24Z merged: 2013-12-04T15:57:50Z

  350. 1589 from @Martin-Grunewald: 62 xhl tand t ps created: 2013-11-25T16:30:12Z merged: 2013-11-26T08:49:04Z

  351. 1538 from @mkirsano: remove all pygive calls created: 2013-11-20T20:30:25Z merged: 2013-11-26T08:48:06Z

  352. 1526 from @Dr15Jones: Fixed bug that cause Service exceptions to cause aborts created: 2013-11-19T16:36:47Z merged: 2013-11-24T13:30:35Z

  353. 1540 from @Dr15Jones: cmsRun returns non-zero if caught unix signal created: 2013-11-20T21:31:52Z merged: 2013-11-24T13:00:44Z

  354. 1523 from @Dr15Jones: Updated ProcInfoFetcher to match linux 2.6 interface created: 2013-11-19T15:10:43Z merged: 2013-11-24T10:35:25Z

  355. 1544 from @vadler: Some minor fixes in PAT jet tools. created: 2013-11-21T03:53:27Z merged: 2013-11-24T10:33:56Z

  356. 1501 from @davidlange6: Save tp memory created: 2013-11-18T13:40:38Z merged: 2013-11-24T09:28:26Z

  357. 1505 from @vadler: Fixes needed after RelVal input removal at CERN. created: 2013-11-18T17:55:54Z merged: 2013-11-24T09:26:49Z

  358. 1516 from @fabiocos: 62X no crossing frame created: 2013-11-19T10:57:44Z merged: 2013-11-19T18:25:41Z

  359. 1486 from @davidlange6: 620crossing customise created: 2013-11-17T08:21:11Z merged: 2013-11-18T13:41:20Z

  360. 1400 from @cerminar: PCL for cosmics also 62x created: 2013-11-11T09:33:55Z merged: 2013-11-18T13:41:00Z

  361. 1481 from @inugent: adding patch for average X in Z decays - patch to replace pull #1410 created: 2013-11-16T09:27:48Z merged: 2013-11-18T09:03:40Z

  362. 1365 from @blinkseb: Import missing Winter13 BTag performance DB from CVS created: 2013-11-07T09:22:04Z merged: 2013-11-15T18:46:04Z

  363. 1237 from @vadler: Add missing event content CommonEventContent to FEVTSIM. created: 2013-10-30T17:04:35Z merged: 2013-11-15T18:44:50Z

  364. 1050 from @ghellwig: Bugfix geometry comparison created: 2013-10-10T15:41:24Z merged: 2013-11-15T12:33:38Z

  365. 1274 from @veelken: From cmssw 6 2 3 created: 2013-11-01T12:24:22Z merged: 2013-11-14T20:06:30Z

  366. 1353 from @Martin-Grunewald: Fix GTs used in (IB) HLT tests created: 2013-11-06T15:02:44Z merged: 2013-11-14T20:06:00Z

  367. 1360 from @ingabu: Fixing muon double counting bug created: 2013-11-06T22:52:47Z merged: 2013-11-14T20:05:38Z

  368. 1184 from @fabiocos: 62X Data Processing update for GRIN created: 2013-10-25T15:25:54Z merged: 2013-10-29T17:19:20Z

  369. 1157 from @veelken: Veelken isolation for boosted tau3 created: 2013-10-23T16:20:34Z merged: 2013-10-29T17:18:29Z

  370. 1135 from @Martin-Grunewald: HLT bug fix for HalfRate paths created: 2013-10-22T15:36:56Z merged: 2013-10-29T17:17:35Z

  371. 1108 from @mtosi: calibration 4 grin created: 2013-10-18T13:02:07Z merged: 2013-10-21T11:58:41Z

  372. 1101 from @franzoni: Franzoni import radiative z filter created: 2013-10-17T18:19:54Z merged: 2013-10-21T07:01:48Z

  373. 1066 from @mdhildreth: Mixing module 62 x tag for realistic mc production created: 2013-10-11T17:56:48Z merged: 2013-10-21T07:01:07Z

  374. 1074 from @mtosi: trackertopology via geometryDB created: 2013-10-14T08:45:38Z merged: 2013-10-17T09:35:31Z

  375. 1058 from @franzoni: add AVE_40_BX_25ns AVE_40_BX_50ns and AVE_80_BX_50ns; on behalf of Gaelle created: 2013-10-11T10:15:21Z merged: 2013-10-16T15:12:41Z

  376. 1041 from @vciulli: remove call to addmasses in created: 2013-10-10T00:30:02Z merged: 2013-10-16T15:12:27Z

  377. 1003 from @franzoni: Fixes reqmgr changes 62x created: 2013-10-06T15:10:00Z merged: 2013-10-16T15:12:13Z

  378. 1001 from @lenzip: restored missing bin for angular distributions with its own uncertainty created: 2013-10-06T14:21:44Z merged: 2013-10-16T15:11:58Z

  379. 1008 from @ktf: AT fixes – Check for unavailable files, not for non local ones. created: 2013-10-07T09:00:48Z merged: 2013-10-07T09:34:45Z

  380. 985 from @ingabu: Adding mc pu reweighting v2 created: 2013-10-03T18:03:22Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:54:22Z

  381. 984 from @thspeer: Remove HLT customization created: 2013-10-03T12:51:39Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:53:32Z

  382. 977 from @vadler: 62 x met uncertainties integration test created: 2013-10-02T19:52:49Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:52:45Z

  383. 974 from @TaiSakuma: fix the path to the input file in SmearedJetProducer created: 2013-10-02T18:10:16Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:52:01Z

  384. 933 from @inugent: adding created: 2013-09-27T06:40:46Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:51:25Z

  385. 931 from @Dr15Jones: Backport EDAlias anf failed edm::Ref fix to 6_2_X created: 2013-09-26T22:34:22Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:49:44Z

  386. 728 from @makortel: Performance improvement in PAT (62X) created: 2013-09-06T06:49:04Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:49:26Z

  387. 592 from @depasse: ECAL Alignment created: 2013-08-22T14:20:49Z merged: 2013-10-06T21:47:56Z

  388. 963 from @ktf: Reco updates – Backport btagging changes to 62X. created: 2013-10-01T13:18:06Z merged: 2013-10-02T14:23:15Z

  389. 893 from @rappoccio: BTagging – Backporting Event Interpretation changes to add b-tagging sequence to 620. created: 2013-09-20T16:57:57Z merged: 2013-09-25T14:16:17Z

  390. 610 from @deguio: new code to make validation plots created: 2013-08-26T13:30:53Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:56:59Z

  391. 773 from @Martin-Grunewald: 62 x1 Latest dumps for 62X branch created: 2013-09-11T07:01:07Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:56:46Z

  392. 751 from @mkirsano: Decay tauolapp pi0 created: 2013-09-09T20:45:23Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:56:24Z

  393. 564 from @lenzip: Fixes to cms ewk 11 021 created: 2013-08-19T13:25:54Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:56:15Z

  394. 253 from @jhgoh: Backport of Validation/RPCRecHits TP-SimHit association map created: 2013-08-07T17:47:22Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:56:06Z

  395. 799 from @mulhearn: CSC PT LUT fix from pull #730 to 5_3_X, now forward ported to 6_2_X created: 2013-09-11T18:52:30Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:55:54Z

  396. 830 from @inugent: Changing TauDecay to not use intermediate resonance for pythia8 created: 2013-09-14T00:42:19Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:55:42Z

  397. 701 from @ghellwig: Update all in one tool to current 62X version created: 2013-09-03T13:57:06Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:55:29Z

  398. 170 from @folguera: Added MuonDQM GED plots and validation created: 2013-07-23T15:51:50Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:55:05Z

  399. 573 from @peiffer: filters for initial state partons created: 2013-08-20T10:11:27Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:54:16Z

  400. 249 from @mtosi: first update of TrackingTruthValid created: 2013-08-07T11:38:19Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:54:03Z

  401. 246 from @bartosik-desy: Track selection by first/last hit position. created: 2013-08-06T16:34:02Z merged: 2013-09-23T09:53:49Z

  402. 137 from @nancymarinelli: Validation changes – Move the nRecoVtx distirbution in the Photon folder and increase the bin upper limit. created: 2013-07-18T13:52:39Z merged: 2013-09-21T09:07:45Z

  403. 134 from @joergbehr: AlCa bugfix: configured run range dependence was ignored in TkModuleGroupSelector. created: 2013-07-18T13:03:45Z merged: 2013-09-21T09:06:59Z

  404. 129 from @cerati: New Tracking Particle – fix-associator-for-new-tp (62X) created: 2013-07-17T13:32:07Z merged: 2013-09-21T09:06:06Z

  405. 108 from @venturia: DQM new feature – New Analyzers added to Validation/RecoVertex created: 2013-07-15T18:13:10Z merged: 2013-09-21T08:32:19Z

  406. 151 from @alja: Fireworks updates – Align Fireworks/ParticleFlow 6_2_X to CVS head. Improve FWPFCandidateWith hits. created: 2013-07-19T21:32:20Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:35:15Z

  407. 131 from @alja: Fireworks updates – Align Fireworks/Calo 6_2_X to CVS HEAD created: 2013-07-18T06:30:26Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:34:46Z

  408. 682 from @franzoni: 13 TeV support – Recycle for guns and new mag field created: 2013-08-31T09:26:51Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:33:51Z

  409. 584 from @anorkus: RelMon bugfixes – RelMon updates and fixes for CMSSW_6_2_X created: 2013-08-21T15:29:35Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:32:42Z

  410. 223 from @rovere: DQM improvements – Properly handle TStreamerInfo object in dqm-access python script. created: 2013-08-02T16:38:54Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:30:11Z

  411. 805 from @andreh7: Generators fixes – Fix for GeneratorInterface/LHEInterface/test/ created: 2013-09-12T12:24:02Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:29:16Z

  412. 826 from @inugent: Generators fixes – adding created: 2013-09-13T14:24:06Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:28:54Z

  413. 596 from @franzoni: 13 TeV – 13TeV MC RelVals pre8 re-cycle created: 2013-08-23T12:12:23Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:28:18Z

  414. 838 from @lenzip: Misc cleanup – Fix tinyxml for rivet created: 2013-09-16T08:31:50Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:27:12Z

  415. 757 from @blinkseb: Generator fixes – Fix wrong import in metFilters_cff created: 2013-09-10T11:30:36Z merged: 2013-09-21T07:26:47Z

  416. 696 from @Martin-Grunewald: 62 x cms driver for HIon L1REPACK (also in 70X) created: 2013-09-03T10:56:32Z merged: 2013-09-04T09:36:05Z

  417. 315 from @giamman: Fix bug affecting CaloMode 0 and 1 (62x) created: 2013-08-14T11:26:53Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:10:34Z

  418. 632 from @Martin-Grunewald: 62 x / /hetGetRawConfiguration created: 2013-08-27T12:42:20Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:05:56Z

  419. 225 from @fwyzard: FastTimerService pre/post-Source for 6.2.X created: 2013-08-02T18:53:51Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:04:41Z

  420. 589 from @vadler: 62 x update pat tutorial created: 2013-08-22T12:10:13Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:03:52Z

  421. 643 from @ferencek: 62X additional b-taggers created: 2013-08-28T02:17:16Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:02:13Z

  422. 544 from @kknb1056: Move TrackingParticleSelector to SimGeneral/TrackingAnalysis created: 2013-08-15T14:14:42Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:01:27Z

  423. 316 from @giamman: Adaptation of tracking particle associator to FastSim in 62x created: 2013-08-14T11:49:31Z merged: 2013-09-02T13:00:14Z

  424. 275 from @vciulli: Add files required for BPH sample request created: 2013-08-09T09:31:51Z merged: 2013-08-31T12:54:46Z

  425. 150 from @mkirsano: Move verbose printout and add parameter safety created: 2013-07-19T20:44:07Z merged: 2013-08-31T12:54:12Z

  426. 265 from @inugent: Adding fragments for 13TeV required for RelVal created: 2013-08-08T19:32:49Z merged: 2013-08-31T12:53:34Z

  427. 305 from @vadler: TQAF unscheduled for CMSSW_6_2_X created: 2013-08-13T20:44:05Z merged: 2013-08-31T08:15:26Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC6:

  428. 2292 from @bsunanda: Phase2 HE pedestal analysis created: 2014-02-04T16:41:44Z merged: 2014-02-05T03:27:43Z

  429. 2276 from @pietverwilligen: Gem rpc phase ii geometry integration created: 2014-02-03T17:09:11Z merged: 2014-02-05T02:28:09Z

  430. 2258 from @dildick: Correct v4 for mixed 9-10 eta partition geometry created: 2014-01-31T14:23:04Z merged: 2014-02-05T00:17:44Z

  431. 2250 from @calabria: For gem muon reco created: 2014-01-30T20:52:43Z merged: 2014-02-04T23:02:44Z

  432. 2253 from @boudoul: fix tracker.xml created: 2014-01-30T23:56:48Z merged: 2014-02-04T17:17:50Z

  433. 2236 from @boudoul: Phase2 tracker (BE5D) + extendedPixel up to eta=4 created: 2014-01-30T13:12:05Z merged: 2014-02-04T15:17:46Z

  434. 2265 from @ianna: Hcal Phase I created: 2014-02-02T16:36:44Z merged: 2014-02-04T10:37:47Z

  435. 2237 from @degano: Misc fixes – Backport of from CMSSW_7_1_0_pre1. created: 2014-01-30T13:28:39Z merged: 2014-01-30T13:31:48Z

  436. 2213 from @dildick: GE11 geometry customs created: 2014-01-29T01:20:28Z merged: 2014-01-29T14:18:03Z

  437. 2101 from @lgray: add originalXWGTUP() to LHEEvent and LHEEventProduct 62X_SLHC edition created: 2014-01-21T09:36:49Z merged: 2014-01-28T17:13:04Z

  438. 2192 from @dildick: Ge21 geometry bugfixes created: 2014-01-28T09:02:57Z merged: 2014-01-28T16:23:01Z

  439. 2188 from @chrisneu: Shashlik v0 created: 2014-01-27T22:33:15Z merged: 2014-01-28T16:18:48Z

  440. 1732 from @dildick: Integration of gem csc trigger algorithm created: 2013-12-09T12:16:41Z merged: 2014-01-27T13:53:06Z

  441. 2174 from @boudoul: New z coordinates for pixelphase1 disks (Carlo) created: 2014-01-26T13:54:10Z merged: 2014-01-27T00:53:02Z

  442. 19 from @dildick: Use shared_ptr created: 2013-07-02T14:27:51Z merged: 2013-07-02T16:02:24Z

  443. 16 from @dildick: Try getting GEMGeometry created: 2013-07-01T11:51:43Z merged: 2013-07-04T11:02:36Z

  444. 2167 from @boudoul: Tracker be fix created: 2014-01-24T17:16:30Z merged: 2014-01-25T17:58:05Z

  445. 2164 from @bsunanda: Remove duplicate and obsolete files created: 2014-01-24T15:35:38Z merged: 2014-01-25T15:38:06Z

  446. 2163 from @bsunanda: Phase2 HE created: 2014-01-24T15:23:14Z merged: 2014-01-24T20:38:01Z

  447. 15 from @dildick: Fix invalid syntax

  448. 14 from @dildick: From cmssw 6 2 x slhc 2014 01 24 0200 created: 2013-07-01T08:49:01Z merged: None

  449. 2155 from @dildick: Update gem digitizer for ge21 hits created: 2014-01-24T02:11:01Z merged: 2014-01-24T14:13:04Z

  450. 1979 from @pozzobon: Track trigger np 20140109 win created: 2014-01-09T19:02:56Z merged: 2014-01-24T00:08:01Z

  451. 2129 from @bsunanda: SLHC – Broken Geometry Paths created: 2014-01-22T14:33:38Z merged: 2014-01-23T11:06:46Z

  452. 2128 from @bsunanda: Phase2 he 5 created: 2014-01-22T11:39:17Z merged: 2014-01-22T14:00:31Z

  453. 2106 from @ktf: Geometry – Integration full Muon Phase II created: 2014-01-21T12:44:53Z merged: 2014-01-21T14:40:34Z

  454. 2053 from @bsunanda: Geometry fixes – Phase2 he 3 created: 2014-01-17T08:39:22Z merged: 2014-01-17T15:47:59Z

  455. 1896 from @bsunanda: Geometry updates – xml file and necessary code for creating Shashlik capsule created: 2013-12-19T16:27:04Z merged: 2014-01-17T15:47:16Z

  456. 1870 from @ianna: Geometry update – Migrate XML tutorial from CVS. created: 2013-12-18T14:55:48Z merged: 2013-12-18T14:57:51Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC5:


Changes in external:

Fix bug in Geant4 reported at cms-sw/cmsdist#310


Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC4:

  1. 1820 from @pozzobon: Track trigger np 20131202 dsv created: 2013-12-14T07:13:52Z merged: 2013-12-17T08:54:55Z

  2. 1773 from @boudoul: fix the harvesting custom for Be5D created: 2013-12-11T16:05:01Z merged: 2013-12-17T08:43:41Z

  3. 1766 from @ianna: Shashlik geometry created: 2013-12-11T11:06:24Z merged: 2013-12-17T08:43:27Z

  4. 1709 from @dildick: Update GEMEtaPartitionMask.h created: 2013-12-06T18:09:23Z merged: 2013-12-17T08:43:11Z

  5. 1681 from @ianna: Backporting from 70x created: 2013-12-05T11:48:04Z merged: 2013-12-17T08:42:56Z

  6. 1733 from @davidlange6: merge from 625_cand1 created: 2013-12-09T12:18:49Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:21:04Z

  7. 1697 from @dildick: Integration of new gem digitizer created: 2013-12-06T09:44:41Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:20:43Z

  8. 1665 from @boudoul: Outer Tracker 2023 for the TP created: 2013-12-04T13:14:56Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:20:25Z

  9. 1650 from @dildick: Various additions to the gem geometry interface created: 2013-12-03T00:05:20Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:20:11Z

  10. 1623 from @jshlee: Fireworks gem digi hit fix v2 created: 2013-11-28T18:02:23Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:19:44Z

  11. 1559 from @ianna: First version of PFCal geometry description created: 2013-11-22T10:11:34Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:19:23Z

  12. 1551 from @itopsisg: Cmssw 6 2 0 slhc4 upgradeflagfix created: 2013-11-21T13:40:49Z merged: 2013-12-09T13:17:44Z

  13. 1 from @dildick: Clean up of digitizer and addition of clustering created: 2013-06-26T15:37:34Z merged: None

  14. 3 from @dildick: Added missing initialization of digitizeOnlyMuons_ created: 2013-06-26T16:35:21Z merged: 2013-06-26T16:35:29Z


    Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC3:

  15. 1499 from @davidlange6: Fix pr1333t2 created: 2013-11-18T12:10:35Z merged: 2013-11-18T15:00:31Z

  16. 1495 from @davidlange6: fix uninitialized variable created: 2013-11-18T07:47:52Z merged: 2013-11-18T15:00:11Z

  17. 1494 from @davidlange6: 620slhc4 be5dtracking3 created: 2013-11-18T07:46:18Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:59:57Z

  18. 1493 from @davidlange6: Fix pr1464 created: 2013-11-18T07:44:09Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:59:40Z

  19. 1492 from @davidlange6: Pr1264plus fixes created: 2013-11-18T07:41:54Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:59:19Z

  20. 1491 from @davidlange6: remake Salavats changes in pull request 1056 created: 2013-11-18T07:39:44Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:58:43Z

  21. 1490 from @davidlange6: Auto cond for620 slhc4 created: 2013-11-18T07:38:25Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:58:25Z

  22. 1489 from @davidlange6: Fix pr1409 created: 2013-11-18T07:36:39Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:57:54Z

  23. 1485 from @boudoul: Ten Mu Fragment created: 2013-11-16T19:45:57Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:57:30Z

  24. 1465 from @boudoul: Fix Typos created: 2013-11-14T15:37:17Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:57:04Z

  25. 1461 from @ianna: Backport GEM reco geometry record from 70x created: 2013-11-14T09:21:54Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:56:46Z

  26. 1451 from @davidlange6: Slhc4 reduce tracking particle footprint created: 2013-11-13T14:49:57Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:56:24Z

  27. 1381 from @jshlee: adding GEMCSCPadDigiCollection to fireworks created: 2013-11-08T11:44:20Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:55:58Z

  28. 1380 from @folguera: remove HLT references created: 2013-11-08T11:00:17Z merged: 2013-11-18T14:55:34Z

  29. 226 from @davidlange6: One go pull request for CMSSW_6_1_2_SLHC7. created: 2013-08-02T19:17:24Z merged: 2013-08-02T22:48:35Z


    CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC2 + #784 #1042 #105 #1140 #1167 #1179 #1236 #1262 #1265 #1266


    CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC1 + #930 + #1026