Changes since CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC27:

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  1. 6436 from @smuzaffar: Added the missing Done Checking dependency message needed by the IBs scripts created: 2014-11-17 11:25:02 merged: 2014-11-17 11:25:25

  2. 12962 from @lgray: Hermetic Timing SLHC27 (fix crashes in RECO so we can use the usual workflows) analysis comparison dqm reconstruction created: 2016-01-15 14:19:51 merged: 2016-02-09 14:27:02

CMSDIST Changes between Tags REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC27/slc6_amd64_gcc472 and REL/CMSSW_6_2_0_SLHC28/slc6_amd64_gcc472:

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